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MTV.. proves once again to the intelligentsia of America... the M in MTV is not for music...

Out of the blue,I get an email from MTV. I wonder briefly if it's a referral from any of my friends and contacts in the entertainment industry but know that they would not be likely to use this email address. So I decide it's just a request for information from someone to busy to do their own research. I feel sorry for someone so busy and "unconnected".

In a message dated 12/15/2005 7:08:10 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
Any sci fi, or trek conventions coming up in the los angeles area at all?

This seems innocent enough right?? I like to help others and have even been asked internationally to help someone get their masters and who needed some fast information on Star Trek. So I replied...little did I suspect the real purpose.

Thank you for the email. I am told there is a Dr. Who convention (LA) in February and the Star Trek Grand Slam (Pasadena) in March. I wasn't able to turn up anything earlier than that. I am emailing my friends and contacts to see if they can find more information. Do you have a specific time frame in mind? Are you interested in information later than March?

I am glad there were none at the time, because this fellow was looking for something other than information and where to buy some pointed ears...

In a message dated 12/19/2005 8:45:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

Im casting a show for mtv and am looking for something specific.

Im looking for people admire someone else they see everydays life..kind of hard to explain.

Basically itís a lifestyle makeover show.

Could I possibly call you sometime tomorrow?

((His grammatical mistakes are unchanged.))

So more email occurs and between that and a little surfing I easily deduce that the whole purpose to start with was that this person was really a casting director looking for fodder ... er I mean victims... er I mean volunteers for a show. This show is to be a travesty for both Geekdom and a woman's person hood. The appparent purpose was to find people that were Geeks and coach them in dating techniques by people so ignorant of what real women want from a man that the poor patsy was destined to fall and provide amusement for the mindless crowd that watches MTV.

MTV still has a problem with the word "Geek". They use it for everyone they think is uncool or a loser in anyway. This is also wrong. This is a special and even highly sought after term that can only be used by certain members of the elite intelligentsia. This is not a term to describe the main characters from a show starring a loser/jerk/scum named Beavis. He and his loser friend are NOT Geeks. They could never posses such intelligence or concern for mankind.

Geeks of the world and the people who love them- write me back and let's do a page on the goodness and greatness of Geeks!!(My email address is below.) Geeks of the world unite! There would be no internet, no computers, television, gameboys, etc. without Geeks! And some of us are proud to be Geeks and Trek loving Geeks, have no problems getting a date and the point of dating-finding a lifetime partner to share each others lives, hopes and dreams. N---, I bet I dated more than you and am married longer now than you ever will be. Let's here it for Geeks!

What we really need is a series where Geeks make over losers!

As far as the attitude for women expressed in this doomed quest for LOSERS to try and teach Geeks to date, it is appalling as well. A female friend of mine says that the words spoken by the Disney character,Jasmine from Aladdin sums up their stupidity. Jasmin says in indignation over the approaches to courtship, "I am not a prize to be won." Women should be treated with respect. They should be admired for who they are and want to become. They are not prizes to be won like some stupid contest on MTV which leads me to my next topic.


MTV ran a contest right over the eggs of the leather back turtle. When they were contacted about moving the stupid game they were doing to another area, one without the precious nests, they refused. Why not a reality show on their practices and lack of regard for woman, turtles and geeks?

Details coming soon after I talk to an animal rights group.

So the M in MTV stands for what gentle readers?

There are lots of great M words out there to rename MTV so send me you ideas! Moron and Mindless are already on the list. So find something else! If you want to change the TV part also go for it!

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