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Face of Zural, Captain of the House Guard for the Klingon house, House of Kemat

By Zural, daughter of Kru

101 Uses for a Tribble

Things to do with a (live or dead) tribble

Powder Puff
Pillow for Torpedo-Casing Coffin
Bar rags
Fur Toilet-seat covers (cut a hole in the middle of one)
Flatten out and stuff quilts with them
Seat cushions in Ten-Forward
Piece together to make a fur Ambassador's cape
Cold-weather headgear
Companion/stalking toy for Spot, Data's cat
Target practice
Tie 2 together for earmuffs
Cut hole in either end, use as hand warmer
Huge Koozie Koolers
Pot Holders
Award them as Mary Kay prizes instead of fur coats (20 years ago when they offered furs)
Sell memberships to a Tribble of the Month Club
Sell them on Ebay as Collectibles...suddenly everyone will want them
Klingon Weapons covers
BBQ Grill covers
Fur-covered Whoopie Cushions (this one's been done on the show)
Mouse calls ala Pied Piper
Bedroom slippers
Shoulder pads
Casket liners for Dishonored Klingons

More coming soon!
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