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Ann Coulter and Her Poisoned Creme Brulle (Creme Brule):
Dessert, as a Means of Assasination, Hypocrisy and Plagarism (Plagiarism)

We usually try to stay away from political commentaries and politics but I recently read something so awful and so obviously stolen as an idea from our web page that I feel compelled to respond.

Back in 2001, we posted a story on our web page where the creme brulle (creme brule) was poisoned.

Please check the bottom of the page for the link to that story.

* Beware of the Creme Brulle *

Recently, poisoning a creme brulle (creme brule) made the news when Ann Coulter claims to have joked when she said a Supreme Court Justice should be killed this way. My personal opinion is that she should be prosecuted for such remarks and that such remarks have the potential of encouraging someone to do that or take violent methods against another to advance a political cause.

Now on to hypocrisy... It is the highest hypocrisy to claim all life is sacred then advocate murder or jest about one.

On a lighter note, she should be held accountable for plagiarism of our Star Trek Role Playing Game's "invention" of this method to assassinate two characters. It is a very unique idea and I feel unlikely she came up with it on her own.

Ann Coulter, please make restitution and pay for our website for the next ten years. :P

Update: Ann Coulter has made the news for plagarism, not of our web site but for items in her book, Godless. If true, there seems to be a contest in this somewhere... Perhaps we can call it the "Godless Godess" or "Wordless Wordsmith". Please submit ideas for nicknames for her, no profanities or obscene materials, and remember "Godless Godess", "Wordless Wordsmith" and "CopyCatty" have been taken. I'll post the results when we get a good amount of replies. Just email me at the below address.

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