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Star Trek Device Dictionary

 Drugs used or likely to be used by 2293
Includes Star Trek the Original Series TV and Original Series Movies

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Autonomic Response Analysis (ARA)
A scan to help determine if someone is telling the truth or a falsehood.

Blood Gas Infuser (BGI)  Keeps oxygen or other gas levels stable in a patient   

23rd Century hospital bed, complete with biofunction sensors and diagnostic displays.
Iinstanty makes records and transfers them to designated patient files

Bio Scan       
Medical scan of different systems and in varying detail 

Basillary Arterial Scan (BAS)
Scans venous systems 

Coagulation Activator    
Initiates and promotes coagulation  

Decompression Chamber      
Used to restore and stabilize blood gas and pressure levels .

Detronal Scanner
Decodes and reads DNA patterns in living tissue

Hypospray (Hypo)  
23rd Century syringe, capable of delivering medicine intravenously or intermuscularly, uses very fine high pressure to deliver medicine

Isolation Field

Medical force field

Osteo Regenerator /
Osteo Stimulator
Promotes healing and regeneration of bone Read a medical report!
Read a story!
Osteotractor Frame
Used to treat dislocated joints, think of it as 23rd Century traction

Stimulates and elevates metabolic functions

Plasma Infusion Unit (PIU)
Used to deliver fluids, medicines and electroyltes, think of it as a 23 Century IV

Pressure Pad    
Used in conjunction with other devices to treat wounds by applying pressure to open wound, helps stop blood flow and promote clotting and healing (Get date for Spocks gunshot wound)

Stasis Unit (SU)    
Portable device used to put patients in that can be used to induce a deep sleep like state to buy more time to get to a medical facilty and can be used for transport or treatment of certain injuries including pressure related ones.

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