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Memory Loss

In the real world, memory loss is very common after a head injury. It can often continue long after regaining consciousness.

In space operas and the sim world,  anything is possible.

Here are some basic real life terms for  memory loss in Humans.....

Three Types of Memories - One way of looking at it

Important Factors
Example Possible Tests
  Memory for things that last at about a max of 60 seconds
Attentiveness and consciousness
 Repeating information back like an address or string of numbers.    Repeat a string of numbers forward and backward.
Recent Memory for things that happend over a minute ago
Being able to repeat back where several objects were hidden after ten minutes
Give four unrelated words or shapes and distract patient for ten minutes then ask what they were

Made from recent memories over months or years
Naming a childhood friend
Ask questions relating to school, occupation, childhood

Three Types of Memories (Different Classification)

Short-term memory
Memories that last  from a few seconds to a couple of minutes
Intermediate long-term memory
Memories that may last for days or even weeks,can be  lost forever or  moved to long-term memory
Long-term memory
Memories that can be recalled for many years

Types of Amnesia

Anterograde amnesia
(also called Post Tramatic
Amnesia , PTA)
Memory loss prior to injury or disease
Emotional/hysterical amnesia
Memory loss caused by psychological trauma,c an be temporary
Lacunar amnesia   Memory loss of  a specific event
Posthypnotic amnesia
Memory loss sustained from a hypnotic state, can include events that occurred during hypnosis or information stored in long-term memory
Retograde amnesia
Inability to form new memories afer injury or disease
Ttransient global amnesia  Spontaneous memory loss,  can last from minutes to hours, can be temporary, can be caused by migraine, seizures in temporal lobe, transient ischemic attacks

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