Star Trek Sim Fun:
The USS Eagle's Mail Call- A humorous take on mail we receive

This is a new page where we answer mail from our "viewers". This will be processed by one of the crew members, a wayward scutter type bot or the ship's automated reply system. Feel free to ask a question about our Star Trek sim, Star Trek web page or Star Trek itself. Please send email for questions on our Star Trek sim or Star Trek, especially the Original Series, to the address below.

We will also "answer" some spam mails that get submitted to us.

Stay tuned! Three more humorous responses to "scam spam" email are being coded.

To submit "mail", questions or an idea for this page, please contact . Please put "Mail Call" in the subject heading. Thank you.

Mail Call/Make Fun of the Spammers/Contests:

Page One: Inheritances-What happpens if you ARE the the next of kin?

Page Two: Plastic Surgery-Cartoon character replies to the survey that believes he is a REAL LIFE plastic surgeon

Page Three: Proof that the spammers that send you fake lottery emails do not have a "Brain"

Page Four: Presidential spam

Page Five: MTV spam-Proof that the M in MTV doesn't stand for music ...

Page Six: Can a cartoon character ever be too thin?

Star Trek Top Ten Lists and 101 Lists:

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Top Ten Things..NOT to say to your Klingon wife - NEW!

101 Uses for a Live (or Dead) Tribble - NEW!

Humorous Political Commentaries:

Ann Coulter and Her Posioned Creme Brulle (Creme Brule): Dessert, as a means of assasination, hypocrisy and plagarism (plagiarism)

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