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Star Trek Medical Drug Compound Dictionary

 Drugs used or likely to be used by 2293
Includes Star Trek the Original Series TV and Original Series Movies


Molecular diagram of acetaminophen used in  our Star Trek sim

Name: Acetaminophen

Classification Action/ Clinical Use: Analgesic. Antipyretic

Clinical Use/History/Place of Origin: Terra

Side Effects/Contraindications/Antidote: Liver damage

Usual Dosage: 325, 500 and 650 mg

Molecular Formula: C8H9NO2

Molecular Weight:151.1646

Other Names: 4-Acetamidophenol, p-Acetaminophenol, Arthralgen, Percogesic

Notes: Metabolized in liver


The above image, picture or animated GIF is used in our Star Trek sim. This is our prototype in animation for new GIFs and scenes. Sound will be added later and this will get turned into a game page so come back soon!


The goal of this part of this particular project is to make a fun Star Trek games page and more interactive way of role playing during a sim. Please feel free to link to this page if you wish to use it for your Star Trek RPG or sim, just email me with your URL. Thank you.

More drugs are located here: Star Trek Sim Drugs - Original Series


Based on works from real life, our game and/or the "Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual" by Palestine, Mandel, Drexler, Fredrickson, et. al published in 1977


* Red asterisk in diagram denotes possible errors in the formula and some points to debate. Please see our message boards in the future for this. When finished their link will appear here. There may also be other areas for errors. This is in the drafting period for a new set of web pages.
** denotes drug invented for our game
*** denotes a drug in the real world
All other drugs are part of the Star Trek universe

MF = Molecular Formula
MW = Molecular Weight

C = Carbon
H = Hydrogen
O = Oxygen
S = Sulphur
Cl = Chlorine
Na = Sodium

CNS = Central Nervous System

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