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One of the key systems, an engineer should be familiar with in the Star Trek Universe is the transporter. The transporter "beams" a person from one place to another via a complicated process with many checkpoints, stages, and components.

The first thing an engineer should do is run diagnostics and possibly scan parts or subsystems. Diagnostics are programs that check out parts of a system. These are critical for learning about malfunctions in the most speedy way possible. Of course there are time when the diagnostics may not show the problem clearly.

If you don't know what something means when the action is run for what diagnostics shows just IM the person running the scene or your department head for the answers if you need them in a hurry.

Transporter Stages

You can break the process down into five stages:

Parts of Stage
1. Target Scan and Coordinate Lock
a. Program coordinates

b. Verify range, relative motion and environmental safety with targeting scanners

c. System automatically runs diagnostic procedures to check safety of transporter

a. Coordinates are entered

b. Destination is checked for anything that might interfere with successful transport

c. Automatic diagnostics active and check for problems internal to the transporter system
2. Energize and Dematerialize
a. Molecular imaging scanners obtain pattern

b. Primary energizing coils
Phase transition coils
a. Real time quantum-resolution pattern images of person or object to transport are obtained

Primary energizing and phase transition coils debond subject and convert subject to subatomically debonded matter stream
3. Pattern Buffer Doppler and Heisenberg Compensation a. Matter stream held in buffer

b. System compensates for Doppler and Heisenberg shift
a. Matter stream is held in the pattern buffer to permit calculations and changes to be made

b. System checks for doppler shift etc. as safety precaution
4. Matter Stream Transmission
Transmission of the matter stream occurs

Matter stream leaves via annular confinement beam through the emitter ray pads on the hull
5. Rematerialization
a. More checks are made

b. Particles of person or object are reassembled
a. Destination is checked again (Any changes in destination environment will enact emergency protocols and abort the process and return subject to the ship.)

b. Matter stream is rebonded and converted back to a person or object

Transporter Components and Terms

Component/Term Function/Definition
Annular Confinement Beam (ACB)
Beam used to transport the matter stream to the destination
Scans incoming subject for dangerous bacteria, virii, etc. If found, the biofilter will remove them from the stream. It can be configured to check for different materials and identify weapons
Emitter Array
Array on hull that transmits components of the matter stream and ACB to the destination
Matter Stream
Stream of matter belonging to the debonded subject
Molecular Imaging Scanner
Scanner that collects and debonds the subject
Operator's Console
Control station used by Transporter Chief (TC)
Pattern Buffer
Buffer that holds the pattern of the subject safe until transport occurs with a very limited time duration
Phase Transition Coils
Coils in the platform of the transporter chamber that dematerialize and rematerialize the subject
Primary Energizing Coils
Coils in the top of the transport changer that create the ACB to make a spatial matrix in which the materialization and dematerialization occurs
Targeting Scanners
Set of partially redundant scanners in the hull that determine information necessary to determine the transporter coordinates and environment of destination, includes range, bearing, relative velocity, and environmental conditions
Transport Chamber
The volume of space in which a subject will materialize or dematerialize
Transporter Controller
Subprocessor of the computer that manages the operation of all the transporter systems

Transporter Interferents and Limitations

A variety of known substances can interfere with transporter use. In addition to this, other limitations are range and deflector shields. If the shields are raised/activated, this interferes with the propagation of the ACB through the EM and subspace fields. Transportation cannot occur at warp speeds due to the inherent spatial distortions of the warp field.

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