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"Adventures of the USS Eagle", our Star Trek sim game, is in need of people to play engineers. Please click on the link below to join or send a message requesting more information. Experience is most welcome but none is necessary.



Engineers and Weapons Officers should be familiar with torpedoes, how they work and are launched. The basic design of photon torpedoes for 2293 is unremarkably different from 2271. (Quantum torpedoes have not been invented yet.) Payloads can be changed in many ways and also include probes. The housing units for probes and torpedoes are interchangeable. Color is customarily assigned to the housing to prevent accidents when an explosive or other dangerous payload is used. Probes are launched in a similar manner and use the same subsystems.

The first thing an engineer should do is run diagnostics and possibly scan parts or subsystems. Diagnostics are programs that check out parts of a system. These are critical for learning about malfunctions in the most speedy way possible. Of course there are times when the diagnostics may not show the problem clearly.

If you don't know what something means when the action is run for what diagnostics shows just IM the person running the scene or your department head for the answers if you need them in a hurry.

Torpedo Launching Stages

You can break the process down into five stages*:

Parts of Stage
1. Program the torpedo
a. Coordinates are entered as well, payload specified and any other special instructions are given

b. Verify range, relative motion and environmental factors with targeting scanners

c. System automatically runs diagnostic procedure
a. Torpedo may also be programmed at a latter stage depending on needs of payload

b. Destination is checked for anything that might interfere with successful reaching of target

c. Automatic diagnostics active and check for problems internal to the torpedo unit
2. Torpedo is loaded onto the torpedo belt
a. Mechanically

b. Manually
a. Torpedoes and probes are loaded by simple robotics onto the belt

Torpedoes and probes may also be loaded via a team of crewmembers, depending on the need.
3. Conveyor belt takes torpedo to launch tube a. A simple system of belts and pulleys take the torpedo towards the tube

b. Special cases
a. The system is long but moves quickly

b. In special cases, the probes or torpedoes may be placed manually into the tube
4. Tube launches the torpedo into space
a. Linear Magnetic Accelerator (LMA)*

b. Warp Sustainer Engine Ignition

c. Magnetic Strips Detach
a. Magnetic repulsion causes the housing to accelerate* (Lorentz Force)

b. Warp sustainer engine coils maintain the warp field of the torpedo

c. Magnetic strips detach from the housing and are collected by apparatus on the hull
5. Diagnostics and Detonation/Activation
a. More checks are made

b. Torpedo is detonated/probe is activated
a. Destination is checked again (Any changes in destination environment will enact emergency protocols and abort the process for torpedoes or probes carrying dangerous payloads or those with expensive or irreplaceable payloads.)

b. Detonation or activation circuity initiates within the torpedo or probe to enact its primary function

Torpedo Components and Related Terms

Component/Term Function/Definition
Annhilation Surface
Area in which the antimatter and matter collide
Detonation circuitry
Used to collapse the magnetic field separating the matter and antimatter
Exhaust grill
Grate that protects the ventilation duct from objects
Exterior part of Torpedo or Probe, made of duranium and titanium
Magnetic Field Sustainer
Used to keep the many packets of matter and antimatter separate, located in casing
Contents of Torpedo or Probe
Operator's Console
Control station used by Weapon's Officer(WEAPS)
Photon Torpedo
Payload of matter and antimatter
Interior compartment with specialized use
Targeting Scanners
Scanners in the hull that determine information necessary to determine the torpedo coordinates and environment of destination, includes range, bearing, relative velocity, and environmental conditions
Warp Sustainer Engine Coils
Warp coils used to maintain the warp field of the torpedo such that it continues traveling at warp speed
Weapons Commands
Weapons commands may be found on the Security page.Star Trek Sim Guide: Security - Weapons Commands For a "full spread", all torpedo tubes must be filled prior to launch.

Scotty's Guide to the Enterprise
Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
Star Trek The Next Generation Technical Manual
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The USS Eaglet NCC 008-013 is now forming. If you would like your children (ages 8 to 13) to sim in a totally G rated environment, please contact me at . This Star Trek Sim will be based on the Original Series movie era just like the USS Eagle but will be totally geared toward a younger audience. We will be teaching them how to sim, team work and some science. Parents are welcome to join and sim along side their children