The USS Eagle, NCC 2185,

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The Eagle's weapons officers should be familiar with these names of weapons and commands.

Star Trek Weapons (Canon and original ones invented for our Star Trek role playing game):

Directed energy weapon, acronym for PHASed Energy Retification
United Federation of Planets
Photon torpedo 
Self propelled missile, uses small amounts of antimatter and matter which are separated from each other in a magnetic bottle and later allowed to mix, can be launched at warp speed. Click here to see picture or photon torpedo.

United Federation of Planets

Directed energy weapons used by Klingons and Romulans
Klingon Empire, Romulan Empire
Fistrion Accelerator
Fistrion accelerators are know for their volatility, not just to the target but to the ship using them. They have a tendency to overheat and malfunction in battle. In some cases they have even exploded. The reason that the FAs are still in use besides their destructive firepower is that they can be easily and cheaply mass produced.(Original weapon made for our game.)

Turethian Space Federation(Original race made for our game.)
 Y-PBE Tubes (Yestrium Particle Beam Enhancer Tubes)
Yestrium is very destructive and highly unstable. It causes damage on the sub molecular level. After a target is hit with the beam, the damage may not be detectable on general scans. However, given a few minutes the destabilizing effects can be seen with naked eye.(Original weapon made for our game.)
Galonese Empire(Original race made for our game.)

Star Trek Weapon Commands (Real military ones as used for our Star Trek sim):

Fire for range
Fire phasers in small groups (3-4) each slightly divergent in range to try to bracket the target and better define its range.
Fire for effect
Fire all phasers at the designated target. Used after a "Fire for range" command has discovered the best aim point.
Set regular dispersion pattern
Target phasers with fixed symmetric pattern about a central aim point. Used to provide good coverage of target and account for minor discrepancies in the aim point.
Set wide dispersion pattern
Target phasers in a fixed symmetric pattern that is more divergent from the aim point than a regular pattern. Used when target is maneuvering radically to attempt to keep it within the pattern of fire. Also may be used at long range when still no good aim point yet exists to try and get an early hit.
 Set narrow dispersion pattern
Phaser in a tight pattern about the central aim point.Used when target is seldomly maneuvering and aim point is locked on. Alternatively, maybe used at close range to concentrate fire on portion of a larger vessel.

Fire across the bow
Fire a phaser in close proximity to a target to induce it to stop without going to all the trouble of crippling it. While the order specifies shooting in front of the vessel, it is merely a bow to tradition. Any shot that is near enough to the target to let it know you can hit it is satisfactory. It is even permissible to graze the shields or hit a non-vital component such as a sensor array.

Fire in rotation
 A tactic of cycling through the phasers in series vice simultaneous fire. Used to prevent individual phasers from overheating due to extended use in a prolonged or running engagement. Often coupled with a wide dispersion pattern to provide a means of slowing a fleeing target.
Weapons free
You are free to fire upon your designated target.

Weapons tight  

Do not fire your weapon under any circumstances
Weapons loose
You are free to return fire against any attack on the ship, but do not initiate hostilities.

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