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The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Commander Cline's Quarters
Biography, Star Trek Fan Fiction, Duty Logs, Narrative Logs, Personal Logs, Guest Alien Logs, Rank Insignia, Full Sized Star Trek Sim Character in Uniform and MORE!

Starfleet Personnel File

Duty Logs

Acting Captain's Log Stardate: 200105.30
Acting Captain's Log Stardate: 200106.18
XO's Log: Stardate 200606.01 Addendum

Narrative Logs

Stardate: 200602.01

Personal Logs

Personal Log Stardate: 200106.18
Personal Log Stardate: 200104.21
Personal Log Stardate: 200508.01
XO's Log: Stardate 200606.15

Joint Logs

Coffee Anyone?(Humorous spoof log with Nouri as Ensign Petrescu)
Bridge Log: Part One( Joint Log with Nouri as Ensign Petrescu)
Bridge Log: Part Two ( Joint Log with Nouri as Ensign Petrescu)

Commander rank insignia pin for the Original Series movies

Commander rank insignia and rating as worn on left sleeve

Full sized image of CDR Cline in his Star Trek Original Series Movies Uniform ("Monster Maroon" Uniform)

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