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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


STARDATE 2001.05.30

Cline here. We have sent an Away Team with the returning Galadonese diplomats and Federation negotiators to surface of the Galadon Homeworld. We lost contact with them during the storm and now fear that they are dead. Ship's sensors recorded a series of explosions at the Palace in Imperial City where they were seeking shelter from the storms. Then the sensors lost all life signs for the Palace. We have assembled a second Away Team, to be led by CDR Bond. We can only hope and pray that this will be a rescue mission instead of a recovery one. Given the potential hostile reactions of the Galadons to additional visitors, this is a volunteer mission only. Cline out.

End Log"


STARDATE 2001.05.30

Cline here again. We are starring down the barrels so to speak of four fully armed and angry Galadonese warships. The USS Eagle has been ordered to leave orbit and the system. The Captain's status is unknown.

It appears that the rescue shuttle and her crew may be lost as well. Our sensors had trouble tracking the shuttle through the storm. Last information we had leads us to assume that it crashed near Imperial City. I am considering all options at this point. Cline out.

End Log"

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