Star Trek Sim/ Star Trek RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185

CDR James Alan Cline
Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer

:: ...On the bridge in and around THE coveted Captain's chair:::

"[BLEEP] those Romulan dogs," muttered Jim, as the Bird of Prey popped out of nowhere to fire then hide.

"Cowards! Disable a ship and then attack." He kicks the railing nearby.

:: Mutters::"Taunting bullies!"

It made him mad when it worked so well.

:: Feeling foolish being shot at and then...pop, they're gone before Eagle's weapons can even reach their shields.::

...On the bridge after checking with engineering, two 'pot shots" later:

~I hate how this always happens when I get THE chair. I always feel like I need to explain to Dad about how I wrecked the Eagle, again. I actually dreamed of a lengthy, uneventful, joy ride for a change. Scientific discoveries, astral phenomena, shore leave...Yeah, it's been forever since the last shore leave.

It's hard on the crew, those who wait, those who buy us time and especially those who work the miracles in Engineering, ~ he thinks.

...Just as it seemed the shields would fail and all be lost, warp is restored and the USS Eagle NCC 2185 goes to warp speed thus evading the Romulans. For now, at least.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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