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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


STARDATE 2001.06.18

Cline here. I am in command.

The Captain is under the spell of an alien beauty. The Empress of All Galadon performed some sort of ancient alien ritual with him and now the two have become as if they share one mind and one will. Galdonese and Eagle medical personnel are tying to sever the bond/link between the two. So far, there has been no success.

The USS Eagle has been invited to visit Galadon XII and take shore leave while we try to separate the two. This is another unprecedented gesture of good will by the Galadons. Use of their planet for shore leave has not happened since their troubled relationship with the Tureth began centuries ago. I can only hope that relations between Galadon and the Federation continue to improve. They are a unique people that may be one day ready to join the Federation. Cline out.

End Log"

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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