Star Trek Sim/ Star Trek RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185

CDR James Alan Cline: Logs


STARDATE 2001.06.18

"I am acting on the Captain's behalf to sever the stoi, the bond/link, between him and the Empress. I have spoken with him and he wants to remain in the Ankhanahkstoi. But I know that Nouri is not himself. Even if his eyes did not burn oddly with that peculiar blue fire through the bond/link it is easy to tell just by talking with him that he is being influenced. He does however seem very happy. I have no way to know what his "real" thoughts are without the alien's influence. I can only make what I feel is the best choice for my friend's health. And I can only that hope I am right. End Log"

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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