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CDR James Alan Cline: Logs

Subj:    Eagle Personal Log  Jim Cline
After the update in the Captain's ready room concerning the upcoming opportunity to visit the Galadon homeworld, Jim heads back to his quarters and writes some in his personal Log.
(Please note: this has occurred before this last Sunday's SIMM dated 22April01)
Personal log
Commander James A. Cline
Acting X0/Chief Science Officer
Uss Eagle NCC 2185

::Jim sits on the edge of his bed typing rapidly onto his Padd::
StarDate 001.04.21
The most exciting of things is happening tomorrow!! Several of us on the Eagle crew have been invited to accompany the Galadon Negotiation team to Galadon 12, the Galadon homeward.
I will be going planet side with the twelve Galadonese, including that beauty, Jackie. we're to be shown some sights of Galadon and then the Castle of the ruling Family. I am sure I can figure a way to have a Personal tour directed by none other than Jackie.
I am so excited. This will be my last chance to see her before we leave them off.
Historically, this is a great coup as well, the Galadonese are particularly xenophobic and it has been a long time since anyone has been allowed on their worlds, and the first ever, for the Federation.
Hey! Maybe we'll get a mention in the history making of our visit. :::drifts off into a daydream...:::
    Jim is sitting on a bridge in the Captain's chair, he has just taken possesion of his first Starfleet Vessel and he is reminiscing on his stroke of luck always being in the right place when history has been in the making...

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