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Captain's Logs

Title: CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE 200105.06
Setting: The Bridge
Location: USS Eagle

The USS Eagle arrived on schedule to Galadon Twelve and entered standard orbit. The planet's alien image filled the view screen. The turbulent gray marble dotted with green and blue was the homeworld to the Galadons. Dominating the sphere were angry, swirling masses of storms that mesmerized onlookers with their intensity.

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos tapped a button on the arm of the chair and opened the log recorder:

"Captain's Log
Stardate: 200105.06

Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos here. We are entering standard orbit about Galadon Twelve, the homeworld to the Galadonese people, as per their detailed directions.

It is a historic moment for the Federation. We will be allowed to visit the planet. the first time members of the Federation have been allowed on a Galadonese world. It is also the first time in centuries the Galadons have allowed any aliens on their homeworld at all.

Ambassador Garne of Galadon Twelve will show us some of the sights of the planet and capital. Then we end our visit with a formal meeting at the palace with a reception dinner to follow.

The Galadons have reminded of us their rules. Under no circumstances is their enemy, the Tureth, allowed to visit their planet and under no circumstances are unauthorized personnel to do so either.

The punishment according to Galadonese law is - death.

Kematsopoulos out.

End log"

The Captain then went back to study the remainder of the laws and customs for the Galadonese diplomatic visit. While he had the summaries and briefs from his legal and protocol officers, he wanted to read as much as he could himself.

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