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Ensign Petrescu's Quarters

During the last two sims

Jim: Commander James Alan Cline, Chief Science Officer and Executive Officer  - played by Juliet

Lily: Ensign Liliana Petrescu, Assistant Science Officer - played by here by both Juliet and Nouri (shared NPC of Juliet and Nouri)

Chalandra and children: family abandoned at Liaara Mishtosh being relocated- played here by Juliet (shared NPC of Juliet and Nouri)


CDR Cline assigned Lily's husband to assist with removing a bomb before a negotiation conference. He was killed when the forcefield around the bomb went down unexpectedly.

Ensign Petrescu is pregnant with her late husband's child unknown to anyone outside of medical. She has taken the abandoned family from Liaara Mishtosh into her quarters to look after them until we take them to their destination.

Ensign Kenneth Johnson is the name of Lily's husband. He was an assistant engineer. She kept her maiden name when she married. The bomb that killed him also blew up a feather couch.

Lily's husband is killed: (Please scroll to the last log on the page)

Last Cline log:

Last Lily log:

ANNOUNCER: And now time for something entirely different... a message from our sponsor....


Jim:  Knocks on Lily's Door.
Jim: :: Wishes he had thought to clean up a bit first.::

Jim:  Checks out his hair in the reflection of the chrome nearby. Arg. Bed head::

Lily:  Enter.

Jim:  :: Steps thru the door into a room full of people and... feathers::
Jim:  :: Feeling a knot in his stomach:: uh, have I come at a bad time?

Lily: :: Wipes quickly at her eyes::
Lily: No, please, come in and ::looks around:: here, come sit. Isn't it a bit early for you to be making visits? You really should rest.

Jim:  Yes Mom. Really, I was just in the way in SB2.

Lily: :: Blinks for a moment wondering if Jim knows about the baby that she IS a mother::

Jim:  Sully ( Dr. Sullivan) says you were with me most of the time. You should be resting too. ::looks around:: is this some sort of, pillow fight or something?

Lily: No, just kids playing.

Chalandra:  Children, let's leave Lily to her gentleman caller, come on.::smiles as she herds them out of the main room.::

Lily: ::Laughs that one off:: Silly, as if...

Jim: Well, here, may I help you clean this up?

Chalandra:  ::Opens the door quickly:: ABSOLUTELY NOT! The kids will do it later. ::slam::

Lily and Jim ::Both laugh nervously, titter::

Jim:  ::Why am I so...self conscious all of a sudden?

Lily: ::Pats at her bouffant hairdo and wishes she had reapplied her lipstick::
Lily: Can I offer you some coffee or perhaps uh, water?

Jim: Coffee if it's no trouble. ~~geeze ya'd think we were courting, how silly to be nervous around Lily~~

Lily::: I'm only making it half standard caffeine ( for Eastern Europeans that's  still triple espresso to the rest of the world ;o)   )  I bet you haven't had any solid food yet have you?

Jim: Uh, no not really. Just been terribly thirsty.

Lily: ::Disappears for a minute and returns with a small glass of something pink:: Here, drink this. It's a power meal. It should help.

Jim:  :: Takes the small glass and eyes the vivid pink "juice":: Is it nasty like, um, er, medicine?

Lily: ::Laughs, forgetting herself:: No, silly just strawberry flavored. Now bottoms up ya big baby.

Jim: ::Drains the pink fluid:: ... ::cough cough cough!!!::

Lily: Oh, did I forget to mention its, an old family recipe? Lots of good things in it.

Jim: :: Surprised but seems to begin feeling less wheezy and light headed::  WOW.

Jim:  Packs quite a punch.

Lily: Oh, That would be the generous dose of bourbon.

Jim: ::Raises his eyes::

Lily:   You're not on duty.
Lily:  ::Hands him a steaming cup of coffee, cream, no sugar.::

Jim:  :: Takes the thick white coffee cup.::
Jim:  Thank you. And seriously, you've been a fantastic friend, sitting with me when I was unconscious all that time.
Jim:  :: Takes a sip of coffee::
Jim:  Sully  said you weren't feeling well. Should I come back another time?

Lily:  Thank you (mulstumesc in Romanian ;o) ) No, it's fine. You can stay.

Jim: No, Thank YOU.
Jim: :: Smiles and takes another sip, thinking: ~~[Bleep! - (It's the evil network censor who gets paid by the word hacking away again.) ] why do I feel like such a dolt?, Lily never made me nervous before.~~

Jim:   Great coffee! What is it?

Lily: :: Demurely:: Taster's Choice

Lily:   :: Still a bit teary eyed but more composed::
Lily:   Can I get you something else?

Jim:  No, please, sit down. You look like you could use some of that bourbon yourself.

Lily:   :: Smiles politely:: No thank you. I caa... ::word ends abruptly followed by a fast:: Uh... No thanks

Jim:   Join me for coffee then?

Lily:   :: Gets a little tearier:: Sure. I'll be right back

Jim:   :: Watches Lily walk past.:::sigh::
Jim : :: Sigh! :: ~~What could I be thinking!!!!~~

Lily:   :: Gets thick coffee and adds a lot of milk and sugar::
Lily:   :: Comes back with box of cookies and plate besides coffee::
Lily:   :: Sits, opens box...::

Jim: has it been rooming with all your guests?
Jim:   :: Thinking, great next I'll be commenting on the environment...::

Lily:   Oh it's fine... uh... :: finally notices box IS open and that it looks like someone went to great trouble to make the box look unopened::
Lily:   Just um ::laughs in that cute way of hers::
Lily:   :: Hands him the box::

Jim:  Yes?
Jim:  Thank you, ::takes a few cookies and puts them on his plate::

Lily:   Hard to keep food around especially cookies.

Jim:   :: Hands the box back to her:: Yes, I'd imagine the kids eat a lot.

Lily:   Yes... :: a bit slowly:: I imagine they do

Jim:  :: Picks up an interesting cookie and takes a bite:: ummmmm. My mother used to bake.

Lily:   Really? Mine did too.  I think I can remember it.

Jim:   So what was going on when I interrupted? You looked quite upset.

Lily:   Uh, the kids ...::voice trails off , her eyes turn inadvertently towards the feathers again and she chokes up::

Jim:  ::Picks out a nearly whole cookie from the box and places it gently on Lily's plate:: Here, you look like
you could use a cookie.

Lily:   Um, thanks.

Jim:   Yeah. Did they destroy something special?  ::Looking around and sees feathers.::
Jim:  ~~NO! Feathers. No wonder she's crying. How stupid could I be!~~

Lily:   No, it was just the... the... the couch...::looks away:: Um I think I forgot something in the kitchen. ::gets up hurriedly::

Jim:   Lily! Wait.
Jim:   I know what it is. I am so sorry.

Lily:   :: Stops with her back to him for a second::

Jim:  So sorry.

Lily:   :: Not sure what to do::

Jim:   Why don't we go for a little walk, you can get away and I bet Chalandra will clean up around here and I
sure could use some exercise.

Lily:   :: Closes eyes, shutting them releases a tear that was trapped in one::

Jim:  :: Stands:: Lily?
Jim:  Do you want me to leave?

Lily:   :: Brushes it off quickly:: Uh I think I left the unit on. ::disappears into kitchen::

Jim:  ::[Bleep!- from the network censor again that gets paid by the word] To cause such hurt to Lily is agony::
Jim:   :: Thinking, maybe I should just go away and leave her alone.::

Lily:   :: Pulls sliding door shut, and leans on counter::
Lily:   ~~What do I do? He finally said it. Why do I feel so so...~~

Jim:   :: Gently knocks on the door:: Lily? Do you want me to go?

Lily:   :: Eyes very red and weepy:: Yes, please.

Jim:  Okay. Thank you for the ...for everything.

Lily:   It's been a long day and I have a lot of ...feathers ...  to clean.::her voice trails off::

Jim:  :: Quietly leaves Lily's quarters.
Jim:  :: Out in the passage way:: ::heads off in any direction not knowing where he's headed but just out of there.::

Lily:   :: Still confused in kitchen, not sure what was worse - having him stay or having him go::



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