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BRIEF SYNOPSIS OF CURRENT STAR TREK RPG STORY LINE: Alien invaders took over control of the USS Eagle and sent it through a mysterious wormhole to an anomaly on the other side. The Eagle suffered serious collateral damage due to the unusual forces of the wormhole. For what purpose have the aliens taken the ship to the anomaly? We do not yet know. The ship needs major repairs and parts. The crew needs to fight off the aliens, make the repairs, try to get out of the anomaly and get a mysterious guest onboard the Eagle safely to Federation authorities and protection services.

Current Storyline/Series:"What's on the Menu?"
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Previous Storyline/Series:"More Than We Bargained For"
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Previous Storyline/Series:"The Race for Space"
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Previous Storyline/Series: "More Questions Than Answers"
Countdown to Armageddon

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