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In our last episodes..

      The USS Eagle beamed down an Away Team to investigate the disappearance of a Federation Observation Team. They quickly found the location of the disguised base on the side of a cliff. They saw an opening that looked like someone or something forced it's way in. Fearlessly our heroes entered the tunnel but then they heard a noise. Make that noises ... the thud thud thud of heavy foot steps to be precise. They got closer and louder until suddenly a large mammalian creature emerged and charged the AT. The XO reacted quickly and raised his phaser to shoot. Before he could fire, the creature ran to him, picked him up and began shaking him.

       Using her tricorder, the CMO found a weak spot in the mammal's body in the mid thorax. Security Officers, LCDR Stoffe and Cadet Johnson, fired simultaneously on that weak spot. It worked! The creature dropped the XO and then fell unconscious on top of him. Eventually, the Away Team rolled the monster off of poor Jim and dragged the unconscious XO to the surface to be beamed up to the USS Eagle's Sickbay for treatment.(Click here to see picture of creature thrashing XO.Joke/Satire)

       Then the rest of the Eagle's Away Team proceeded to the location of the Federation Observation Team's base. When they entered they saw what appeared to be evidence of a fight and the remains of what appears to be some of the members of the Observation Team.

       Our heroes did not find any living sentient being, until they opened a locked closet. There they found one unconscious team member and three alien Bantos IV children who were terrified of them and especially of their phasers.Apparently they had seen them used before...

      After reassuring the children, prying information from them with chocolate bars and treating a Vulcan scientist, our heroes made their way slowly back towards the entrance. Suddenly they heard footsteps belonging to sentient bipeds. They quickly hid and eventually the bipeds left.

      They emerged from their hiding place and moved towards the exit. LCDR Stoffe bravely stuck his head out of the tunnel to scan the forest to see if the coast was clear. As he stepped out to get a better scan, another of the larger creatures appeared and charged him. Fortunately for Stoffe, the creature was smaller than the other. Unfortunately it smelled worse and attacked him.

       They fought. Ensign Johnson quickly came to assist. The two security officers came up with a plan.

       SCREEECH! RUMBLE.RUMBLE-BOOM! The phaser shot was good and caused an avalanche of rock from the cliff. The monster was buried deep in rubble.

      With that obstacle removed, most of the away team, alien children and the Vulcan scientist were beamed to the Eagle. LCDR Stoffe, LT Ralph, Ensigns Rimmer and Lister were left behind, tasked with "sanitizing" the base.

      Back on the Eagle, the XO became conscious. He was disoriented at first. The AMO in attendance outlined what happened medically to the XO and then went mysteriously off to check on a lab sample. Ensign Petrescu stayed by the XO's bedside for several hours. When the XO woke up again, Lily became oddly hungry and craved SPAM. She ate four plates of it, while the XO looked on in both shock and horror.

      (Special thanks goes to Ralph mun who ran the SPAM commercial from our imaginary sponsors for that particular night's show.")

      The Vulcan we rescued, finally revived in Sickbay. We learned from him that the kidnapped Federation scientists were split up into at least two groups. We know from the memory core that one group was taken to the United Kuersh Republic Capitol.

      Pandemonium broke out in Sickbay with the children getting into all kinds of mischief as the CO made his way there to check on Jim and the status of the children. He is not happy that the aliens were brought onboard and that phasers were brought to the planet. The youngest who had just eaten jam was sticky from that and more chocolate and ran away from the XO who was trying to clean her up. Then she ran smack into the CO as he entered Sickbay.

       The CO was not amused by the mess in Sickbay. As Sickbay and the CMO began to sort out the equipment and devices that the children had "played with", the Captain began to sort out what had happened on the planet.

      LT Ralph and LCDR Unstoffe were dispatched to the surface to scout and find information. Citing that "...the local watering hole is a good place to get local gossip, I mean intel," Unstoffe decided that he and Ralph should check the pub. Of course it had nothing to do with sign outside that said, "Two for one Scotch night " and "Free Fish". It was all of course ::wink:: to help find info on where the scientists were taken.

      Then as luck would have it, good or bad I cannot say, our two heroes met two beautiful alien women.

      The bridge crew is beginning to get concerned about the away team. It is fifteen minutes after they should have reported in. So what has happened to our dashing duo?       Planet side, LCDR Stoffe and LT Anderson were picked up by an accomplish pickpocket. Our unsuspecting heroes took two lovely alien women to dinner. Helen and Lucinda picked the most expensive entrees and then for dessert it was their pockets that they picked. This included some money and of course the disguised tech!

      Our broken hearted crew members went to the parking lot looking for clues as to where the women went with their belongings but found different clues instead. Two odd men with a car problem appeared. LT Anderson easily fixed the car problem and got paid well for the deed. What was this elusive tech problem with car? Why it was merely flooded. ..

While Ralph was working on the car he noticed that a few ordinary looking items in the car were made of higher tech materials than they should be. Our clever engineer nabbed one of them.

!!! UPDATE !!!

      Surprisingly the phone number that Helen gave Unstoffe was valid! Unstoffe called her and feigned believing that it was all a funny gag pulled on them. He used this lie to make it easier for the women to return the items. Lucinda however did manage to find out some secrets of the technology before she reluctantly returned them. Uh oh.....

      On the drive back to return the items, Helen scolded Lucinda for taking them. Lucinda told Helen that she didn't mean to take them but she couldn't help herself. She said that she did not like the nurse who gives her medicine at the factory for Technotronics where they work and that the big boss there gives her "the creeps".

      ::Pauses momentarily to listen to overly melodramatic music::

      During this time, unfortunately, the Duty Officer became nervous and contacted the Away Team, only to have Lucinda hear the communication and for the DO to over hear snippets of conversation in the car between Helen and Lucinda. In this way the USS Eagle has pieced together what has happened to the Away Team.

      When the women arrived to meet with our Away Team to give the objects back, Lucinda exhibited more odd behavior, including an impressive verbal display of technical prowess beyond that of a mere shipping clerk. She also showed a romantic interest in LT Anderson and almost told him something ...something important of course ;o) .

      Meanwhile, the CMO continued therapy on Aldrich. The other two children have been temporarily adopted by crew members. The Vulcan scientist rescued by the Away Team earlier stabilized, has begun what may be a full recovery and was given quarters and a uniform. He must return to Sickbay for further treatment over the next two weeks.

       In our next episode...

      We may discover what Lucinda wanted Ralph to help her with, why Technotronics is such a disturbing place for Lucinda, what James likes for breakfast and where the scientists were taken.

       We may learn more from the Vulcan as some of his memory returns.

       Will the CO get the jam out of his uniform? Will the XO get the stench out of his uniform and hair? Will Ensign Johnson run out of chocolate? What new meanings will the word, fomojshed have? How many ways can the cook make SPAM? Who are the men with "funny haircuts" that the children saw initiate a fire fight with the Federation scientists? Will our heroes find out where the scientists were taken? Will they be too late as the two cold warring governments begin their preemptive nuclear strike?

      What are the two men up to? Why did a flooded engine stump them? What mystery item did Ralph pilfer? Did Helen give out a fake phone number or was it real?

       To learn the answer to these and other mysteries please stay tuned for next week's episode.

       Stay tuned to the continuing Adventures of the USS Eagle and find out. 

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