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In our last episodes..

       The USS Eagle, our Oberth class starhip, orbited Bantos IV while two away teams were sent to the surface to rescue a Federation Observation Team that had been abducted. (Click here to link to mission orders. Hit the back key to return.)

       CDR James Cline and LCDR Valentina Tsiolkovsky began their exploration of the Army base in the heart of the United Kuresh Republic, the UKR. As they approached one of the buildings they heard muffled noises behind it. As they got closer, the learned that two men were fighting. Away Team Two was about to intervene when they figured out it was over a woman's affections.  LCDR Tsiolkovsky laughed and decided it might be more fun to watch.

       CDR Cline cleverly used this as a good time to sneak into the building. They both went up the stairs and entered. They saw a long hallway, security cameras and a guard post at the end of the hall.

       Back underground at the AGM, LCDR Lahrs Unstoffe successfully explored the transporter room without getting caught. He beamed up to the Eagle, spoke with the Captain, and beamed back. The Captain dispatched a security team to the AGM via the programming that Mr. Unstoffe had done. The rescue is under way! Or was....

       Seems that when they entered the room with what they thought were federation prisoners... they saw instead people working busily at terminals.

       But wait there's more....our heroes drew their weapons and caused two men there to do the same. The sim ends with two shots fired by the unknown men and two by our people...Who got shot?


       Both guards fell to the ground!LCDR Unstoffe and LT Anderson found some of the missing scientists and began their brave rescue ... only to find that the scientists did not want to leave! Preliminary medical analysis done by the medic on the scene showed results consistent with a possible brain washing of the scientists. The rescue mission was then faced with the unbelievable, trying to convince the captured scientists to escape while alien security forces mustered to figure out what was going on at "Sub-Seven". While debate between the medic and Chief Security officer raged and waffled, Anderson did the unbelievable, shooting (fortunately on stun :0 ) a scientist and urged others to do the same. Away Team One then lugged the inert and yet ungrateful scientists off to the transporter room.

       After successfully getting most of the scientists and away team back to the Eagle, one of those pesky "weird and alien" storms descended upon the UKR Capitol and of course the AGM. This combined with the distance below the surface, unanticipated power concerns by the transporter designers for more use on the transporter than planned, tricky technical details of the AGM building, geology and Mr. Unstoffe's just plain bad luck, aborted the last transporter attempt. This left of course our brave heroes, Unstoffe and Anderson behind.

       As they struggled with the transporter controls to try and return to the Eagle, SWISH! The transporter doors opened up and aliens stormed the room. This is of course when I ended the sim. ;o )

       Back on the ship, the oldest Bantos IV child, reviewed the details that brought her to the USS Eagle. She is afraid that she and the other two children will never get back home and have to live on the Eagle forever. She does not like being on this "wierd and alien" ship. She wants to go back home to "Papa". The middle child, Lulu, is adapting well to life onboard and was happily with her new caretaker in tow, off to the mess to get some more of this "weird and alien" new thing called "chocolate". Aldrich the youngest of the Bantos IV children is still in a catatonic like state. Therapeutic efforts with him have not met with any visible success.


       LCDR Unstoffe and LT Anderson found themselves face to face with two armed guards that burst into the transporter room when their transport was aborted. Unstoffe, still dressed in his custodial uniform did the unthinkable...he dropped to the ground and thanked the guards for rescuing him and Ralph. (I am still laughing Unstoffe. that was one of the all time funniest scenes I have ever seen in sim.)

       The guards who were not very smart bought this and let our heroes go, who escaped to the elevator. Not having a telephone booth (or a tardis) our two heroes made do with just the elevator and changed back into their "tourist" clothes. They successfully blended in with the tourists until they were almost out of the building when...more guards came, recognized them and... the sim ended ;o)


LCDR Unstoffe, LT Anderson and the rest of the security team from Away Team Two escaped the guards and beamed onboard the USS Eagle.

CDR Cline and CDR Tsiolkovsky got access to a classified room whose function was to recieve and process data, thanks to Tsiolkovsky's no how, good looks and experience as a spacenavy brat. (Both of her parents are admirals)

As the two Eagle officers were observing the information being processed in an odd marriage of old 1960's computer technology and advanced off world technology, the data stream suddenly and inexplicably ended. CDR Cline told Security (Bantos IV guards that they conned into letting them see the room) that the matter was classified and to leave. Which they dutifully did.

During all of this, it became obvious that CDR Cline's face(disguised as a native, of course) evoked an odd reaction from the UKR military.

In our next episode...

       Away Team Two will learn an important clue.  What will it be? What danger and deception await them? What will they find on the base? Or will they instead be found out?

       I've worked on a new animated special effect for next week. Come and check it out!

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