From: Commander,  Starfleet Region Six
To:   Commanding Officer, USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Subject: New Orders

1. The Federation Observation Team,Kappa Kappa Epsilon, has gone missing. Your mission is to recover them and explain their absence. You are hereby immediately ordered to Bantos IV.

2. This order supersedes all others unless the Galadons, Tureth or Binraho return to fighting. Your first priority then is to keep the peace and forestall any aggressions towards the Federation.

3. Bantos IV is located in the Bantoi system, Region Six, Sector Nu, System 49-A. It is the fourth planet in System 49-A

4. Bantos IV is home to the Kuersh and the Thupti. These are two pre-space flight societies in hostile competition with each other.

5. The Federation survey team has been observing them for 3.4 Terran years and has collected much data. You will find it very similar to Terran society in the 1960s with the Americans and Russians racing for space and incidents like the Bay of Pigs.

6. I cannot stress how dangerous a time this is for a culture. I also cannot stress how important it is for them not to be contaminated by Federation technologies. We would not want such people having access to phasers and warp drive. The results would be disastrous.

7. If you decide you must send an away team to the planet, they must not possess modern weapons and propulsion technologies The last thing we need is for this barbaric culture to enter space along side us, the Klingons and Romulans.

Richard J. Flayton
Rear Admiral

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