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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Tellarite Trading Outpost
Infamous for the type of trading that transpires and for the type beings that gather there  

Background: Admiral Flayton has ordered that new crew be added at a nefarious trading outpost, Liaara Mishtosh. Why?
Current Mission:
     Official   Mission  - Visit Liaara Mishtosh for BSP. Read mission orders here.
     Unofficial Mission  - To be revealed later.
Update:  The USS Eagle  has arrived at Liaara Mishtosh for a Brief Stop for Personnel, BSP.
Teaser: Can the USS Eagle pick up the new crew before trouble finds them or vice versa? What is the unofficial mission? Join us and find out!
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       Onboard the USS Eagle, LCDR Unstoffe gave the security briefing for visiting the station.   He told us in disgust that the Tellarites who run the station will give you up to date maps of the Outpost and charge you for the privilege. If you decided to pay for one or part of a map, you receive a hand held electronic device with the info stored on there and a special "You are here feature".

       During this time we learned that there are several anomalies and phenomenon that our eager young assistant science officer, Ensign Petrescu, would have liked to observe on the Station. The CO quickly and politely told her that it was too dangerous and authorized her to collect data and run experiments onboard and to send science probes out for a closer look.

       As the CSEC reported, it is an unsavory place, shore leave there is not authorized and visitors should stick to the upper levels and travel armed in parties of two or more.

       Of course back on the station, none of our new crew did that. ;o)

       Ensign Cassandra Nova and Midshipman Riker were in the "darkest, dankest" part of the Outpost.

       Mr. Nova had the unpleasant experience of meeting a drunken human male called Emil. (Who was a harmless, nice guy but very, very, very drunk.) She also met an alien who gave her these classic Sci Fi lines: Click here to listen       (If anyone recognizes that, please let me know.))

       Mr. Riker fixed some equipment for an old man named Rugghe. He also saw what appeared to be a monster run through that room on the station.

       Ensign Valderkev had a run in with two large hoodlums who do not like Starfleet Officers. Mr. Valderkev promptly gave them new reasons to not like Starfleet and ...  to never mock his accent again when he beat them both in a fist fight.

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More Than We Bargained For, Part One - NEW!


      The XO and CSEC checked the upper levels where had our new ensigns followed the rules, they should have been. Of course they did not find them. ;o) LCDR Unstoffe decided to try a different method, start lower and work up. Stating they'd be in more danger there so he and the XO should look there first.

      While they looked, Ensign Nova ran into an unknown alien eleven foot hairy monster or should I say vice versa. After causing lots of mayhem, as large hairy monsters so often do, it entered an eatery, ripped off a door and devoured a store room of green veggies and some alien tubers. As luck would have it (but not for the monster) he met Ensign Nova who tried to stop him. She tried many things, but there was little or no effect. As her race has telepathic abilities, she received many odd impressions from it. They were so fragmented and jumbled and from a mind of such an odd alien configuration that she did not learn much in the beginning.

      She resumed pursuit, after it ravenously devoured its meal and tried to run past her. Ensign Nova learned as they made brief physical contact that it did not want to hurt her. In fact, it did not want to hurt anyone. As she continued to run after it, she wound up back near the starting point of the chase and met her future bosses; Chief of Security, LCDR Lahrs Unstoffe, and Executive Officer, CDR Cline. Unfortunately for her well.. let's just say she did not make a good first impression...

      When Ensign Valderkev contacted the station for medical assistance for the two thugs he injured, he met Captain Dangentan, a very famous pilot, and told him that he enjoys flying also. Having met someone who could really appreciate his vessel, Captain Dangentan lost no time in showing it off to the Ensign.

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      The XO, CSEC told ASEC (Ensign Nova) to leave with them to the much safer Starfleet level. As they did so, a woman with three children came up to them and asked them for some credits to leave the station. It turns out that her husband left his family on a higher level, took most of the money, left and did not return, leaving them stranded on the station and sinking further and further down the levels until they arrived at this one. Ensign Nova gave her a note to turn in for credits so she could get off the station.

      Shortly after that two men were attacked and a fire broke out. While people rushed to assist or flee, the fire provided a great distraction for the fight that ensued.

      At some point the mother screamed realizing that Tiama, her youngest daughter was not with her and near the flames. Ensign Nova rescued the child. CDR Cline got the rest of the family onto the turbo lift. During all of this LCDR Unstoffe gave up his part to give others something to do and assist me. (Thanks and kudos to Stoffe.)

      Meanwhile our AENG, Ensign Valderkev visited Captain Dangentan who showed him his ship and much more. At the end of his stay he saw the USS Eagle on the view screen, contacted the Eagle and was told where he could find the XO and CSEC. When he went there he found the fire, went to assist and found CSEC and XO.

Logs and stories for this episode:

The Forgotten, Part One- NEW!!


       Onboard the USS Eagle, the Science Department continued work studying the anomalies present at Liaara Mishtosh and has deployed many probes. Ensign Petrescu is enjoying being in charge of this project, although she misses working with CDR Cline. CDR Tsiolkovsky is Acting Captain and has the conn. The Captain is still listed as SIQ (Sick in Quarters).

      Back at the Outpost, with the fire suppression units operable again, the fire subsided into a smoking, smoldering ashen mess. Outpost security arrived to investigate the fire and a tip they received. They started rounding up suspects including the person named Man 4 in the previous episode. As you may recall Man 3 and Man 4 were attacked during the time of the fire, which made a perfect distraction for whoever attacked since no one came to their aid. ((::coughs loudly::)) Man 3 threw himself into the assault so that Man 4 could escape. It worked and Man 4 escaped. Unfortunately for Man 4, he was quickly rounded up by Security. When the outpost's equivalent of the sprinkler system activated, the attackers fled. The sprinkler system also awakened Man 3, who after regaining consciousness, learned of the other man's arrest and contacted LCDR Unstoffe to look after him.

      Although perplexed at first, LCDR Unstoffe did as he was told and promptly got arrested by insulting a security officer. Midshipman Riker was also arrested. His crime? Being Starfleet. (These group of Tellarites does not like Starfleet- bad for business you know ;o) ) His other crime? Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Outpost security has taken Man 4, LCDR Unstoffe, Midshipman Riker and others to Level 28 for processing.

      While all of this was going on, CDR Cline watched incredulously as Mr. Unstoffe apparently lost his mind, insulted a guard and got arrested for no good reason. (Cline does not know why yet.) Our XO also went to the fire site to investigate, learning that a small but powerful incendiary device was the cause.

      Ensign Valderkev, Ensign Nova, Chalandra and her three small children, and others escaped the fire and officers by being in a turbolift that malfunctioned. Ensign Valderkev quickly located the problem and made repairs. He and others have noticed that the Outpost has not kept up the necessary work to keep things working or working smoothly. Alexi and Chalandra talked during this time and we have learned that she is from the Stanara Colonies, one of the farming and trading communities in the outlying areas of the Federation. We also know that she was left at the station with her children and that it is not her choice to be here nor her doing to be one of the "Invisibles" on the station. The "Invisibles" are poverty stricken class that not many, as the name implies, gives any thought
Logs and stories for this episode:

The Deal Breaker, Part One- Coming Soon!!

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       We will meet our new assistant medical officer, take on supplies, get the new ensigns and midshipmen onboard and continue the adventure. Oh yes and we should probably free Mr. Unstoffe also. ((::ducks::)) ((Seriously, thanks for your help again.))

Please join us on our dangerous unofficial off the record mission as "More Than We Bargained For" begins!

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