Star Trek Sim / RPG
USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Title: The Forgotten

Setting: A cafe outside the bar for the last scenes
Location: Darkest, dankest part of the station, Level 42

Alone and with three small children, Chalandra was no longer able to take it anymore. She was desperate. She had tried everything she could to get off this outpost, forsaken by the gods and decent folk. Her husband, a year earlier, had told her that he'd be back in two weeks to get them. The weeks came and came, but he never did.

Once she thought she saw him at a gaming table, but maybe she was wrong. She sighed and try not to cry again. If he hadn't taken most of their credits, she would have left long before she started hating him.

She walked down the hallway with her kids in tow, looking for some work or food for them. It had been two days since they had eaten. She heard the lift doors open and saw two men enter, dressed in casual (civilian) clothes.

"There is something different about these two," she thought to herself. The older man was handsome but had a kind, caring face. The younger man was very pale with steely, intent, blue eyes. He looked very out of place here with his short, closely cropped military hair cut. "Whatever they were here for, it was not to add to the misery, sin and suffering on this level," she thought.

Gathering as much strength and dignity she could muster she gathered her small brood and walked over to the table where the Starfleet officers were. This time she prayed they'd help them and not dismiss her as the other officers had on the higher levels.

"Please sirs. I know you are Starfleet. Please give us some credits so we can leave here. I hate to ask but well... ," she faltered as she read their faces and body language. The older man clearly showed that he did not believe her and the younger man looked at her like she was unclean.

"What are you doing here with children," the man with short military hair cut asked in disgust.

That was the last straw for Chalandra and not at all what she needed to hear. She began sobbing uncontrollably with anguish and anger. "How dare they?" she thought to herself as she cried. "Of course, I did not want to take the children here, who would? But where and to whom could I leave them? I can't even leave them in a room because I can't afford one," she thought all these things and never answered him.

This time the woman with them, she had seen her before, interrupted and said "Uh......lady....... ya got an account to draw credits from?"

Chalandra cried louder. "Will no one understand? How can someone in my position open an account here? We don't have anything left. We've got no where to stay for an address," she lamented these things silently to herself as well.

Instead Chalandra answered aloud between sobs, "No. He took it all."

Her smallest child came up to her and tugged on her dress.

"Not now Tiama," she chided. And with that Tiama toddled off to examine something interesting under a table. Perhaps she could eat it she thought. She was so hungry. Tiama skoodled under there as soon as she saw her mother turn away and resume the conversation.

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