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USS Eagle, NCC 2185


Tellarite Trading Outpost
Infamous for the type of trading that transpires and for the type beings that gather there  

Background: Admiral Flayton has ordered that new crew be added at a nefarious trading outpost, Liaara Mishtosh. Why?
Current Mission:
     Official   Mission  - Visit Liaara Mishtosh for BSP. Read mission orders here.
     Unofficial Mission  - To be revealed later.
Update:  The USS Eagle  has arrived at Liaara Mishtosh for a Brief Stop for Personnel, BSP.
Teaser: Can the USS Eagle pick up the new crew before trouble finds them or vice versa? What is the unofficial mission? Join us and find out!
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       We learned that the Captain is "Man 3" from the earlier scenes. He was injured and knocked unconscious in a fight when he tried to distract the men who attacked him and the other man so "Man 4" could escape. "Man 4" escaped but as luck would have it, was quickly rounded up by Security and sent off to Level 28 along with Midshipman Riker and LCDR Unstoffe.

      The Captain, disguised as a Turesian smuggler, made his way to the Starfleet Level where he met our new AMO, Vorick, who quickly fixed his broken bone. He was about to make contact with another new crew member when the sim ended.

       Elsewhere: Ensign Nova met an old "buddy" from the Academy. CDR Cline finished collecting data on the cause of the fire. Midshipman Riker and LCDR Unstoffe have met a new "friend" at the detention center who is every bit as interested in "Man 4" as they are but probably not so interested in "Man 4's" well being. CDR Tsiolkovsky knows that something is wrong with the Captain's unofficial mission but cannot contact him since strict communications silence must be maintained.


      We will begin where we left off. The Captain is in Vorick's quarters and Ensign Valderkev, Chalandra and her children have entered. Little Tiama is having trouble breathing.

      We Rescue preparations will be made to liberate "Man 4", Ensign Riker and of course the faithful LCDR Unstoffe who followed orders to protect "Man 4". Somehow though I don't remember the Captain giving orders for Stoffe to call the Tellarite security guard names and punch him in the nose...

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Read the previous summary for this story line!
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