Star Trek Sim/RPG:The USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Star Trek sim,Chief Engineer face, Human female, Russian

Acting Captain's Logs: More Than We Bargained For

Location: USS Eagle
Setting: The Bridge

CDR Tsiolkovsky enters the bridge and takes the conn.

Her strong, lilting and heavily Russian accented voice begins the recording...

STARDATE 200408.09

       'CDR Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky, Acting Khepten. Khepten Kematsopoulos ees eeel and has been ordered SIQ. I am assuming khommand until he hass recovered or Executive Officer returns.

      Vhee have not heard from Avhay Teams on station.  I am khoncern. Eeef mission gone vhell, they and new crewmen should haff beamed aboard by now.  Vhee vhill  continue monitor the seetuayshin and attempt  khontact  each teams. Vhee vhill also khontact Outpost to see eef eenternal paging khoms are vhorkink.

End logk."

The Chief Engineer spun the chair around to face LT Schuler.

"COMMO, vhait five more minutes and khontact our people for a status report. Khontact Outpost now to see eef paging khoms vhork," she ordered.

"Aye sir*," LT Christopher Schuler replied, careful to say nothing more. From listening how she was talking, it was easy for him to see that she was rattled about something. Her Federation Standard was usually much better. Given her well known volatile temperament, it was just better not to ask. There was a reason that she and her father Admiral Tsiolkovsky shared a similar nickname; Ivan/Ivanova the Terrible.

LT Schuler speculated for a moment as he contacted the outpost to see if they had fixed the malfunction. "It was probably the Captain. He must be worse off than we were told," he thought, knowing of her feelings towards the CO.

* NOTE: In this time period female officers are called "Sir" and "Mister" the same way the male counterparts are.

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