Sirius South
Outside the bustling futuristic capitol city

Mission: To acquire knowledge and a plan to help end the Galadon- Tureth Conflict. Billions of lives are counting on us. If we fail the conflict will easily spill out into the sector and beyond causing a galactic war of immense magnitude. At stake are trillions of lives.

Background: The USS Eagle orbits Sirius South, the disputed planet in the Tureth-Galadonese Conflict. An away team has beamed down to the planet to observe an arms shipment for a Galadonese party and went missing. They were captured by a militant faction of the indigenous aliens called the Sandokhans and finally escaped. The planet is in Civil War.

There are two other factions of Sandokhans. Each is being backed by the two warring empires.

The Galadons and Tureth are heading to Sirius South for the final and ultimate battle of their races...

Did the USS Eagle stop them? Keep checking our Star Trek Sim Captain's Logs and find out!

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