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Sirius South
Outside the bustling futuristic capitol city

Current Story Summary: The Away Team and the people they were observing were captured by a militant faction of one of the indigenous races, the Sandokhans. They were taken to a secret underground base for interrogation and execution.This group wants all "aliens" off their world. Very little is known of the Sandokhans, a lizard like humanoid race.

The Away Team has escaped from the make shift prison! They have broken up into groups and are trying to find their way out of the tunnels. They must avoid both Sandokhans and hidden dangers in the cave to make it to the surface alive.

During the course of navigating the tunnels, they have discovered a large reptilian creature,what appears to be a large parasite (that attacked one of the crew) and a passage way lined with strange writings.


Cave fossils and pictographs

This passage way has many glowing fossils and pictographs, added over centuries. It appears to tell the story of Sirius South, including the explosive events of the first meeting of the Galadons and Tureth.

The Away Team has broken up into three groups. One group(XO,COMM,AENG,CSEC) has taken an exit that was previously blocked with the creatures below.

The spider like creatures of Sirius South

Another group (CMO,AMO)has had the misfortune of hiding in the tunnel where the Sandokhans have begun their mourning rituals for the newly dead. L'Asaha has begun "The Call to Mourn". It is very powerful and will call all beings with in a certain radius to join them in mourning. The force of the pull on one to join them is determined by proximity and the strength of telepathic abilities.

The CMO succumbed to "The Call" and has joined the mourners. She appears to be entirely under the control of the Sandokhan priestess, L'Asaha. The CMO has told her enough information to confirm the prophecy and has led her to the ledge where the "four dying go". She has led her to the ledge where the last group (CO,Empress,Lasara, Rolin)was hiding "The Holy Catacombs", where the honored Sandokhan dead are taken for their final resting place. These four all accidentally underwent the Ankhanahkstoi, a mystic Galadonese healing ritual. In order to survive, all four must enter and complete the second stage, a trance like sleep.

L'Asaha has investigated the ledge and found "the four dying". She is uncertain now about the prophecy because the Empress and the CO do not look as they did when they were captured.They have been changed physically by the Ankhanahkstoi.(Please see logs for further details.)She thinks that they are new aliens that have not been captured and thus cannot fulfill these lines of the prophecy:

"In the darkness, where the dead things grow,
Things ne'er alive multiply
While wrongs of dead multiply
Is caught, the one who shines blue."
"In the darkness where the dead things grow,
Trapped by the paths that wind
Trapped by the things that bind
Suffers, the one who shines blue."

The other group finally found the secret transporter that links a seedy bar to the cave. It is linked near an exit that has a particular amphibian and reptillian poison that is not harmful to mammals stored outside.

The smaller group finally escaped and rescued the Empress of All Galadon. They are back onboard the USS Eagle.

Update: Ensign Yajiru picked up the Sandokhan representative for negotiations in a shuttle but it crashed into a cliff shortly after take off in a bad storm.The Sandokhan with him is unconscious and bleeding

The GSS Protectress arrived at Sirius South and so has the TFS Vindicator.

The Countdown to Armadgeddon continues...

Information from Federation Intelligence Reports: The Sandokhans are an indigenous people of Sirius South. They are currently broken up into three groups. One group backs the Turethian rule. Another backs the Galadonese revolutionaries. The third group wants to rid themselves of all "aliens". The Sandokhans are a "technologically mixed people". Some have been well educated by the Tureth and others have been living in off the land according to their tribal customs.

The drawing below of one of their leaders was found in a renegade camp of Sandokhans. They were relocated for their own well being, sources in the Tureth government say.

L'Asaha, Priestess, Leader of the Sandokhans

Update: It appears that Federation reports are incorrect!Please see the recent "Episodes" for more details.

Prophecy of the Tarrook: An ancient prophecy that describes the end times of the Sandokhans and a savior that shines blue. L'Asaha, Lasara and others believe that a Galadonese woman that they captured to be "The Lady in Blue", the savior referred to in the prophecy. Others believe that the savior is to be a man. The prophecy is very cryptic on this and other matters as of course all alien prophecies are ;o)

Click here to learn more about Tarrook and the prophecy

Character Drawings by Hana!

K'Arak, Leader of the Warrior Class of Sandokhans

Lasara, Precocious Five Year Old Sandokhan, Ardent Believer of the Prophecy of the Tarrook

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