Klingon dictionary and Klingon weapons for simming
Popular Klingon weapons and those often used in Klingon sims or Klingon RPGs or PBEMS

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Klingon House Armory/ Klingon Weapons

Klingon Weapons of Blades

d'ktagh image, Klingon blade weapon for Klingon sim
Daqtagh: d'ktagh, A short Klingon blade weapon that has mechanism that when activated extends two additional hidden blades called tajHommey.
mek'leth image, Klingon blade weapon for Klingon sim
meqleH: mek'leth, A Klingon blade weapon used for combat. It is a smaller one handed version of the bat'leth.
bat'leth image, Klingon blade weapon for Klingon sim
betleH: bat'leth, An ancient and modern Klingon blade weapon used for both ritual and martial combat. Legend has it that the first one was forged by Kahless the Unforgettable with a lock of his hair dipped in molten lava.

Klingon Weapons of Energy

disruptor image, Klingon energy weapon for Klingon RPG
nISwI' HIch: Disruptor pistol, post Original Series on Television Era . The nISwI' HIch is holstered in a "vaH'.
disruptor rifle image, Klingon energy weapon for Klingon sims
nISwI' bej:Disruptor Rifle,post Original Series on Television Era

Klingon Original Series Weapons from Televison

disruptor image, Klingon energy weapon from Star Trek: The Original Series for Klingon sim
nISwI' HIch: Disruptor pistol from the Original Series on Television

* The Klingon language does not "capitalize" words so the Klingon words used here are not capitalized to reflect that featue of the Klingon Language.Capital letters are used to represent separate and distinct sounds from those used by the lower case letters as done in all Klingon transliteration into English.

Weapon Dictionary and Weapons Related Terms

English to Klingon
ammunition - nIch
battle gear, full armor - may'luch
blade of ant kind
edge - Heh
energize - rIH
energize,fire - laQ
energizer - riHwI'
energy field - HoSchem
energy,power - HoS
engage, activate - chu'
explode - jor
explosive - jorwI
gauntlet - poghmey
phaser -pu'
shoot - bach
spike on top of boot - DaSpu'
sword - yan
sword fighter - yanwI'
tunic, warrior's - yIvbeH
uniform, traditional clothing
weapons - nuHmey

bat'leth related terms:
thrust, lunge - jop
parry - way'
thrust an end, not the long part of the blade - chaQ
change positon of blade, 90 degrees, horizontal to vertical - ngol
slide blade against blade - DIj
change positon of blade, 90 degrees, vertical to horizontal- lev
rotate - jIrmoH
change hands by tossing - baQ
lunge - yIjop
defend - yIwqay

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