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Klingon Sim promo GIF of two ships(Bird of Prey, Vorcha) emerging from a fiery anomaly in the dark heart of space
"Emergence from the Anomaly"

Two Klingon ships escape certain destruction only to find themselves deep in the heart of Dominion Territory!

The year is 2374. It is the beginning of the Dominion War. Eight Vor'cha class ships and five Birds of Prey have been retrofitted for a secret mission to strike deep into the heart of Jem'Hadar territory.They knew they would not be coming back. That did not bother them. The brave warriors knew it was a suicide mission. They were happy to spill their blood for the glory of the Klingon Empire. They would show those Jem'Hadar what Klingons were made of- the stuff of legends.

Everything was proceeding as planned. The original time line was being preserved, until... something went wrong - very wrong.

The thirteen ships encountered an anomaly. All were believed lost by Klingon and Federation Intelligence. But we know better. We know two ships survived, The War Hammer and The Sword of Justice.

Alone and with no hope of reinforements or supply ships they must make their way to the rendezvous point to complete their mission.

Of course they will have a little fun along the way showing the Dominion the meaning of the phrase "thlIngan maH!"

Think you have what it takes? Is today a good day to die?? If so, Email NouriKemat@aol.com for details.

Klingon ship, Vorcha class: The War Hammer
1. mupwI ghob: The War Hammer, A Vorcha Class Attack Cruiser
Klingon ship, Bird of Prey: The Sword of Justice
2. 'etlh ruv: The Sword of Justice, A K'Vort Bird of Prey

IN PROGRESS! Links for special effects for the ships

IN PROGRESS! Link for interior images for areas and objects in our Klingon ships

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Klingon House, tuq qimat (House of Kemat) Visit an honorable and ancient Klingon House!!

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Klingon Dictionary for Klingon RPG and Sim use
Arranged by topic for easy reference:
Battle Phrases - Updates in progress.
Billets, Ranks and Titles - Updates in progress.
Culture - In the planning phase.
Klingon Family and Related words - Just begun!!!
Klingon Food - Just begun!!!
Medical -Updates in progress.
Klingon Numbers and Related Terms
Ship Terms - Includes an animated decloaking Vorcha class ship.Updates in progress.
Klingon Ship Images and Others - Includes Klingon CO's chair (captain's chair), monitor and torch
Klingon Swearing - In the planning phase.
Weaponry - Images.Names.Updates in progress.

Klingon Buddy Icons - Animated disruptor firing and more!

Klingon House, tuq qimat, House of Kemat - An ancient and honorable Klingon House

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The USS Eagle Star Trek sim - Action/Adventure sim based on Star Trek: the original series movie era, 2293

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