This is a page for the Klingon House, tuq qimat (House of Kemat). It will be used in an upcoming new Klingon sim / RPG.
The house is established but the related Klingon sim / rpg is in the process of being formed.

Klingon House banner/logo for House of Kemat

tuq qimat (House of Kemat)

House History:

The ancient Klingon proverb, "qaStaHvsIS wa'ram loS SaD Hugh SljlaH qetboqh loD"
(Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man.), is based on a true story.

House of Kemat, tuq qimat, is an exceedingly old and honorable Klingon house which can trace its lineage back to the time of Kahless. Going back to the legends of old, where the founder of the house, qimat, IS the running man who killed four thousand that glorious night.

Unfortunately over the centuries this great house has seen its decline. Two hundred years ago the old saying "jeghbe` thlInganpu" (Klingons do not surrender.) was put to the test when members successfully prevented an attempt to over throw and murder the Emperor. Most of the house died that day.

In 2293, Brawnour, the last blood survivor of tuq qimat, was rescued from the aftermath of Praxis by a human. She later conceived a child, producing the heir to the house. She named him after the human who rescued her, Nouri.

The current house head is qimat Puq'LoD Nouri, Kemat son of Nouri.

Current House Leader:

The current leader of tuq qimat is qimat also known as "qimat Puq'LoD Nouri" (Kemat, son of Nouri). He is named after the ancient founder of the house. It is unknown if he can restore the grandeur of his ancient house. What is certain is that he, his house and his allies will fight to the death to eliminate those who oppose an honorable way of life and bring harm to the Klingon Empire. It is rumored that qimat is assisted by the ghosts of his assassinated father and the founder of his house.

House Honor Pledge:
batlh pothl law` yIn pothl puS
(Honor is more important than life.)

House Motto:
qaStaHvsIS wa'ram loS SaD Hugh SljlaH qetboqh loD
(Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man.)

House Symbol:
Shown as above. It is a mailed, almost completed, fist. Four fingers down represent the four thousand cut down. One thumb up to represent the Klingon, qimat (Kemat), who saved the battle and killed the four thousand. The act of almost clenching the fist holding the symbol of the Klingon Empire is to show tuq qimat embracing the good and crushing out impurities in the Empire.

House Entrants:
tuq qimat is seeking interested applicants to join with this old and noble Klingon House. Please contact NouriKemat@aol.com

House Members:

Son of Nouri
Leader, House of Kemat

Son of Brawnour
Former Leader, House of Kemat
Foully murdered by enemies  
Assists son from beyond the grave   

Daughter of Gustav
Second, House of Kemat
Fearsome warrior
Best friend to Kemat

Klingon Logo as used in our Klingon House and Klingon sim

Glory to the Klingon Empire!

If you are interested in joining our house or have questions email me at NouriKemat@aol.com
Put "tuq qimat" or "House of Kemat" in the subject heading.

Check out our "House of Kemat-Klingon Dictionary" for simming!
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Current Members of Our Klingon House tuq qimat

Historic Members of Our Klingon House tuq qimat

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