Klingon Dictionary and Klingon food words for sims, rpgs and pbems. Info on Klingon Cuisine and Klingon Food Preparation.

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Klingon Cuisine: Klingon Food (Soj), Beverages (HIq, Dargh, qa'vIn) and Food Preparation (vut)

 Skull Stew

Klingon Food

DIr - skin
qagh - gagh (serpent worms)
ghew - bugs
Ha'DIaH - animal (meat or insult)
Hurgh - marinated peb'ot
qul DIr - fire skin, a particular dish of skin soaked in strong liquor that if ignited, served burning and consumed while it burns
naH - fruit, vegetable
peb'ot - torpedo shaped fruit
pIpyuS pach HaHlu'pu'bogh - Pipius Claw
qa'raj pach - ka'raj claw, can be prepared in a variety of ways
Qaj tlhuQ - kradge tail
raHta'- a different variety of worms than qagh
Rokeg - blood pie
targh tIq - heart of targ
tlhatlh - gladst
tlhImqaH- zilm'kach
Skull soup/Skull Stew

Tankard for Bloodwine

Klingon Beverages

HIq (Alchoholic Beverage):

Blood wine

Dargh (Tea):

Ceremonial Tea - very toxic
Sour Tea - Klingon medicinal tea

qa'vIn (Klingon Coffee):


Klingon dishes

Klingon Food Preparation and Other Terms

Great skill is necessary to prepare a great meal.
Federation weaklings that think there is nothing to Klingon cuisine, since it does not require "cooking" in the Terran sense of the word are greatly mistaken.

pID - coat food with herbs, grain (tIr) amd granulated cartilage (ngat)
HaH - marinate with blood('Iw) or sap (vIychorgh)and various animal parts
chanDoq - marinade
chom - bartender
'Im - boil fat (render)
mIQ - deep fry
nay - individual dish
nay'mey - dishes
pib - boil
qettlhup - sauce that can be made of a thickened chanDoq
rogh - ferment
qeyvaq Ha'DIbaH - "Kayak's food", fermented meat named in the style that a great warrior named Kayak consumed
Soj - food or beverage
Su'lop Suqqa' - make sauce from food fed animal before killing it
vut - prepare food
vutwI - Food preparer (Similar to how "cook" or chef is used by Federation peoples but without all that ruining of the food by overuse of heat.)


Klingon Ettiquette and Useful Information to Not Upset the "Cook"

Coming Soon!

* The Klingon language does not "capitalize" words so the Klingon words used here are not capitalized to reflect that feature of the Klingon Language.Capital letters are used to represent separate and distinct sounds from those used by the lower case letters as done in all Klingon transliteration into English.

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