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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Liarra Mishtosh

Background: The USS Eagle picked up new crew at Liarra Mishtosh and a very important spy.

Unknown alien invaders gained control of the USS Eagle and sent her through one anomaly to a mysterious wormhole to another anomaly on the other side. During this, the Eagle suffered serious collateral damage. We learned that the aliens were deceased members of one race that was at war with another. The result of their uncontrolled hatred brought the destruction of both races. Before dying, the last living member of the race that built the weapon known to Federation people as the ancient mobile anomaly called "The Graveyard of the Accursed" and "The Eye of Evil" tried to send the Eagle back safely but was killed before finishing the task.

The Eagle used machinery and tools in the wormhole and parts from recent and centuries old spaceships to make repairs. The Captain made the right decision for the choice of exit out of the wormhole based on old Earth symbols.

After the Eagle left, the wormhole and the associated anomalies were destroyed. Shortly after this the Captain had a near fatal accident in the cargo bay. The eventual explosion and collapse of wormhole and anomalies resulted in the destruction of the Rosalie. The Rosalie was a science vessel researching the wormhole. The crew included Dr. Archimedes Porter, his granddaughter Jane, Captain Fango and Dr. Ben Arnold. Captain Fango and Dr. Arnold sabotaged the Eagle. Dr. Arnold was discovered to be a Romulan spy and inserted a computer virus to destroy the Eagle's computers. It nearly worked but Ensign Hanson was able to stop it in time. Some data was lost, including all medical records associated with the Captain. Captain Fango was discovered to be none other than Harry Mudd, who had some past connection to the Captain's wayward Uncle Stavros.

The crew, including the Romulan spy, of the Rosalie was transferred to the USS Valkyrie, a Stargazer class ship.

The USS Eagle received a distress call from a communications station operable that was under attack. Orders from Starfleet were given to the Eagle to protect the station at "all costs". Why? What was so important there as to out an Oberth vessel in peril that was on an alpha two priority mission to deliver a spy with information vital to the security of the United Federation of Planets, UFP? The Captain, when he was finally allowed back to partial duties, ordered the Eagle to leave the station. He had doubts about the orders and asked Engineering to investigate if the ship's internal security protocol verification system was compromised. He felt that was a logical possibility since the ship's computer had already been tampered with and that orders for an Oberth to defend a station that had an alpha two priority mission to stay "at all costs' was illogical possibility.(Although Starfleet does hand out some very unwise orders from time to time ;o ) ) Ensign Hanson confirmed that was the case, that the Eagle's verification protocols were sabotaged.

A Romulan vessel, appeared and fired twice on the Eagle. The Eagle leapt to warp at the very last second as another shot was fired. The first two shots took out the shields. The last one would have finished us for ure. The Captain has ordered to active contact or scans until the shields are repaired. He does not want the Romulans or any of the other groups out to capture or kill the spy before he can be debriefed to get another easy shot at him or the Eagle.

We must get our mysterious guest safely to Federation authorities and protection services. The fate of the galaxy rests upon us.

What mysterious information does the spy have that is so important to all the groups out looking for him? Stay tuned to find out!

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