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In our last episodes..


The USS Eagle left Liarra Mishtosh and resumed patroling this sector of space.Several days after leaving, a welcome dinner was planned for all new crew members.There was an anomaly about a week away. Nothing to worry about.

The day began as if any other. The Chief of Security ran drills for his department. The Chief Engineer took the new engineering officers on a fast paced tour of the engineering systems of the ship. The Science Department ran drills and began tests on the samples taken near the Outpost.

Anticipation and excitement filled the air. Everything was ready for the formal welcoming dinner. The meal started with the soup. Everything was going as planned...until

Ensign Nova was the first that we know to be affected, she started feeling as if noises were louder in the room than they really were and she began to have trouble filtering out the sounds and people's thoughts. LCDR Unstoffe seemed to be affected next with light and sound seeming to be magnified to him. Eventually everyone in the wardroom began to feel that things were brighter and louder than they should be.

The strain of having heightened sensory and telepathic perception became too much for Ensign Nova and she collapsed on the deck. The CO ordered Sickbay to come immediately and the XO went to her side to help her.

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In our next episode...

In the wardroom, the Captain sounded the red alert and ordered the Eagle to prepare for intruders. He then ordered CSEC to seal off the wardroom by forcefields (we installed special mods several storylines ago- ask for details if you want them). Everyone not named by the CMO as being affected by the beings left the wardroom.

The Captain hoped that this would prevent a take over of the ship or at least confine the beings to one area until we could figure out what was going on. Alas, Ensign Nova and others through out the ship were affected also and not confined. The beings tried to use them and those in the wardroom. Ensign Nova managed to stall the beings enough so that they left her and concentrated their efforts elsewhere.

On the bridge, CDR Cline, LCDR Unstoffe, Ensign Petrescu and others went to red alert. They have learned that we have either passed through or into the anomaly or vice versa. Sensors and some systems are malfunctioning on the Eagle so it is hard to tell exactly what happened. (Thank goodness for Stoffe's "mark one mod zero eyeball".)

Meanwhile the wardroom, the CO, CMO and others struggled with the unwanted visitors. What happened there? We do not know yet...

During all of this, the Eagle started to experience different malfunctions and problems. Engineering sent out teams to investigate and repair. At the end of the sim CSEC contacted Engineering to report that the shields went down. We do not know what the status of Engineering is as there was no response to Unstoffe's last message.

::Pauses for overly melodramatic music and effect::

What do the beings want? Short term, they want medical information on the "life forms inhabiting the thing". Ensign Nova told them they were on a ship and now they are interested in the specs on the ship. We do not know what they want beyond that since as is the case with all these types of situations- the aliens are "being weird and alien" and "enigmatic" as expected. ;o)

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In our next episode...

The USS Eagle is dead in space. She has no shields and no propulsion. Sensors are malfunctioning. Her location is unknown. The bridge crew thinks we have entered the anomaly or vice versa. All crew are complaining of heightened sensory perceptions. Those most affected are also hearing voices, sweating profusely and their body temperatures have lowered by 1-3 degrees. Disembodied aliens appear to be taking over the ship using crew members as hosts. At least life support is working...for now.

In our last sim the Captain returned to the bridge but is clearly not feeling well. He and his family are gifted in languages and he has lapsed into only speaking in the first few languages he learned. Federation Standard was not one of them. This is obviously not a good sign...

Our Chief of Security with his trusty phaser took good note of this. The Captain noticed and gave Mr. Unstoffe a bemused look that said please make sure it's on stun and that you are really really sure before you use it. He did not however tell him to not worry. ;o)

CSEC contacted the wardroom to find out what had happened but the only reply was "weird and alien" chanting.

Ensign Nova allowed the beings to take her over in order to protect the humans and others who were being injured by their attempts.Many of them, but not all, have migrated to her. (Thank you Ensign Nova. The Captain really appreciates the respite and so do the others.)

AENG, LTjg Yajiru, led a security party to Main Engineering to reestablish contact. He was greeted by phaser fire and a dark room. Someone or something does not want Engineering contacted or the modifications to the ship removed.

Meanwhile the wardroom, CMO and others struggled with the unwanted visitors. What happened there? We do not know - yet...

In our next episode...

The USS Eagle is still dead in space. Sensors availability is intermittent except for the radio transceivers and transmitters. We do not have propulsion of any sort. Communications are down in key areas, including Main Engineering and Sickbay. Analysis is that incorporeal beings or spirits have taken over key areas of the ship using our own people.

In Main Engineering, our unwanted guests were almost successful in retaining control by using two of the Assistant Engineers. Fortunately for us, LtJg Yajiru and Ensign Valderkev foiled their plans by taking out the two armed AENGs.

When Ensign Valderkev got close enough to whack one of them with a spanner, he discovered to his surprise that one of the phaser wielding assailants was his roommate, Ensign Hanson. I supposed this will not help improve their already strained roommate situation....;o)

What happened to the wardroom you ask? The wardroom has become the "ward" room. The "weird and alien" chanting and telepathic "offense" has been working in keeping them from being taken over. They are trying to extend their influence to the entire ship and drive the invaders out.

Ensign Nova, who bravely sacrificed herself to save others and allowed the aliens to work though her, passed EPS Junction JX742-A . It was then that the aliens had become confused and left her briefly. When that happened the wardroom lost control over the aliens assaulting them and those they were trying to protect.

The sim ended with the bleak news that Probe Four has been lost to a wormhole. It looks inevitable that the same will happen to the USS Eagle unless....

Click here to view- CAPTAIN'S LOG: STARDATE 200411.29

       In our upcoming episode...

... Unless you come to the next sim and discover how to save the day! ;o)

See you then back on Thursday. Same Eagle station... Same Eagle time ... as Stoffe would say. Or was that some other another flying animal? ;o)

Our next story will begin immediately after the last sim. What will be served next? Creme brulle? Come and find out!

Bon apetito! (Lily's native language)

Stay tuned to the continuing Adventures of the USS Eagle and find out! 

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