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Stardate: 200411.11
Joint Log
Dr.Laleia-Lii, CMO, and Captain Nouristao Kematsopoulos, CO

Title: First Course or First Contact?
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Wardroom

The Wardroom had gathered for a formal welcome dinner for new crew. The Captain decided that they should try a cold soup from Tartellus IV that was becoming popular in some circles. He always tried to make sure the crew was prepared in every way for the diplomatic and cultural assignments they so often received.

Then they all experienced something weird other than the cold creamy blue Tartellusian tuber. Everyone's sensory perceptions became magnified. The room seemed too bright. The noises seemed too loud. Ensign Nova had collapsed.

Captain Kematsopoulos was feeling ill too. Perhaps ill was not the right word. More like . . . not himself.

An AMO came and administered to the fallen Ensign. Then another arrival from Sickbay came.

Captain looked up and saw their Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Laleia-Lii. He was relieved. She'd get to the bottom of this if anyone could and do so with her normal thoroughness and efficiency. He could also communicate to her without alarming the crew.  The Doctor and Captain had been through a lot together and had developed a crude method whereby they could communicate on a limited telepathic level. Because of his experiences with his wife, the Galadons, Wahnharae, and Sandokhans, the Moeban doctor had been able to teach him how to project his thoughts and she'd reply in some visible or audible way to him. All this grew from the trials on Sirius South and the close professional relationship that had ensued afterwards. (For those of you not familiar with the CMO, her telepathic abilities are very limited unless she practices, which she does not like to do. So unlike a strong telepath, she can't just read anyone's thoughts directed at her or otherwise, nor would she choose to do so if she could.)

The good doctor began her scans and saw the same oddities that the AMO had seen. Biochemical markers that indicate telepathic ability  were present in all of the crew, not just those who rated as telepaths. For those who had telepathic ratings or had had telepathic experiences with non-human races, their body temperatures were dropping by about two degrees. Other symptoms were as stated above that all sensory experiences seemed to be heightened.

"This is very unusual," the CMO said looking at her medical tricorder. She wasn't feeling well either, but not as bad as some of the others.

The Doctor turned to the Captain. He was feeling very hot and sweat was beginning to form on his forehead.

"This isn't right . . . A drop in body temperature?  Now, that IS unusual . . . Body temperature dropping?  Why would . . . how does that coincide with the psychic . . . I have a headache. What else?" she said in rapid succession.

The Captain did not want to alarm the others, but needed to know what was happening to him and if it was happening to anyone else in the wardroom. Silently, he communicated with the doctor as she had taught him.

~~Doctor I feel so so odd like.. Almost but not quite like I am mutating back into a Galadon or partial Sandokhan? Has something triggered that unusual part of my DNA that has been worrying you? Or is there some mutagen present, perhaps for the others also? ~~

Dr. Laleia-Lii looked up at him uncertain. "Tell me more," the look said. Aloud she said, "How do you feel?"

The Captain answered her first with thoughts then with words.

~~ It's...It's.. like the worst of the Ankhanahkstoi and Shreesaaath combined into one, ~~ he thought to her as the sweat rolled off his forehead and hit the deck.

All he said out loud was, "I feel very warm."

Then a strange sound filled the room. (  Everyone in the wardroom sick or not heard it. Everyone heard it throughout the ship.

"What was that?" the CMO said looking around.

"You heard it also?" the Captain asked. He was hearing something else or not he wasn't sure yet. It was hard to filter things out since all of his senses felt like they were on overload.

"Yes,... I heard it ... like wind rushing..." she replied.

Then another sound came. It was faint at first then it became louder and almost overpowering. (

The Captain had been through some very bizarre alien experiences and rituals recently and was still suffering from the tail end of the Ribellian flu which included a high fever and some very weird dreams and hallucinations. He looked to the CMO to see if she heard the other noise.

The CMO looked at him and shrugged helplessly.

"Yes? You also?" he asked.

She nodded, yes.

With that the Captain asked her to list the names of everyone affected in the room.

Before she finished speaking, he arose quickly and announced on ship wide comms, "Red alert! Be prepared for intruders! Secure all Decks!"

And with that an eerie self-indulgent laughter filled the minds of those most afflicted so they could hear nothing else.


They could not even hear ... the red alert being sounded.  (

The Captain shut his eyes, trying hard to concentrate over the voices he was hearing, not knowing who could hear him or if anyone could at all.

"Everyone not named by the CMO clear the wardroom NOW! Unstoffe - security protocol from last negotiations - tessera kappa nu. Execute immediately! Cline you have the ..."

The Captain began to bark out the orders, but never had the chance to finish them.

Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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