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Title: First Course or First Contact?, Part Two
Stardate: 200421.11
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Bridge

The USS Eagle is dead in space. Her location is unknown. She has no shields and no propulsion. All crew are complaining of heightened sensory perceptions. Some are also hearing voices, sweating profusely and their body temperatures have lowered by 1-3 degrees. The Captain had previously ordered himself and others in the wardroom to be locked away under forcefield in case they were experiencing some sort of telepathic attack. He was proved right. Those most affected are now under the control of alien minds...

On the bridge, the XO, CSEC and others struggled to find the answers. Where were they? What was happening?

Unexpectedly, the Captain appeared. He looked haggard and worn. The sweat was pouring off his face. He was pale.

"Kaptein on the Bridge!" LCDR Unstoffe, the Chief of Security exclaimed.

The bridge comms interrupted his return...

"Bridge, this is Ensign Yajiru . . . what's going on in Engineering?" the young officer asked elsewhere on the ship.

"Ensign Yajiru, we've lost comms with Engineering.  Join Security Team 3 at the entrance and see if you can override the doors," replied LCDR Unstoffe.

The Captain waited and listened. This situation was grave. Engineering must be an area under attack or already someone else's control.

"Status Report?" he asked with as much authority and strength as he could muster. It was time to take back control of the Eagle and as he struggled with keeping control of himself against the other minds or entities.

"The sensors and scans show very strange things, but only in glimpses. I do know that we're not where we were a while ago. Things look completely different. Captain, we have no helm control and no shields. We have sporadic bursts of sensors but only for mere seconds. I seem to notice that just after each "blip" or sensors or shields we're having power diverted to other sources," the XO replied.

"Kaptein, shields are down.  Security protocols in place. I have a containment field around the wardroom and around Ensign Nova's position. We've lost comms with engineering and Security Team 3 can't get the doors to open. The diagnostic I just ran on ship's systems shows power diverted in several locations,"  LCDR Unstoffe answered.

"Reestablish comms, use the communicators if you have too," the Captain ordered. The situation was unfortunately going as he anticipated from his brief situational assessment he made as the attack began.

"Aye, sir" was his swift reply. Although he had his doubts as to if the Captain was acting on his own will, he was relieved to have him back on the bridge.

The Captain continued walking over to XO. "What do we have working?" he asked.

The Executive Officer finally looked up and saw the Captain. He had been too engrossed with the situation to do so before.

"Sir?  Please sit, you don't look well," CDR Cline said as he left the Captain's chair and grabbed a portable communicator.

Jim flipped it open and activated it. "Engineering. Can you respond?"

..........There was no response.

The XO tried again. This time somewhere else. "Sickbay please respond."

..........There was no response.

"Sir? I'm just not getting through with this either," the XO said to the Captain, indicating the communicator in his hand.

"Have Schuler keep trying," he ordered the XO.

"How much of the ship is ours to control? How many people do we have left?" the Captain wondered to himself. He also silently wondered, "How long do I have left?"

The effort of trying to keep control of himself and speaking Federation Standard became too much for the Captain and he defaulted into one of first languages, Chinese.

"Someone has to try the portables (hand held communicators) eventually and we need to be ready for them,"  he explained shifting to Cantonese.

The XO noticed the shift in languages by the Captain and was concerned. He knew Nouri's parent's, who were eccentric archeologists and linguists, didn't teach him Federation Standard, until he was quite old and after languages like Vulcan and Romulan. He knew that his Captain and friend would shift only when very tired or ill.  He continued to wonder what was going on and arose from the Captain's chair, giving command back although he wasn't quite sure it was a good idea yet...

"Sir?" Jim asked Nouri.

"You feeling quite yourself, Kaptein?" CSEC asked.

"Captain?" the XO asked again.

The Captain took a moment to respond. He wasn't sure of the answer for a few seconds. He found it and managed to say wryly but very slowly, " Yes . . . I am . . . myself ," and he slowly began to sit down.

The trusty Chief of Security, Lahrs Unstoftte, took in all of this and moved his hand slowly toward his readied phaser.

Having noticed CSEC's move towards his phaser, the Captain said to LCDR Unstoffe with a bit of humor," Indeed the Eagle is fortunate to have you as such a vigilant Chief of Security, but please make sure it is on stun."

LCDR Unstoffe relaxed a bit but not entirely. At least that was the Captain's sense of humor.

"Captain," Nouri's old friend and his Executive Officer asked, "Do you want me to take the bridge and you, well, rest or something?"

"No time for that. Did you launch the probes yet?" the Captain was feeling better but didn't know how much longer he had of himself. He wanted to get everything as soon as possible resolved.

The Captain sighed and sat down finally. It was good to sit down. The voices he heard seemed to leave. His headache dissipated. It was time to get to the bottom of this dangerous and deadly mystery and game that the aliens were playing with his crew, his ship and him.

"Yes, sir," replied Ensign Petrescu. "Four, one in each direction. Sir. It'll take a minute or two to discern it." Her delicate hands flew over the console, trying to access the probes' information. "I have data coming in now. Twenty-three more seconds," she said.

"Excellent," Captain Kematsopoulos answered.

"I just hope my hunch is not right, " the Captain thought to himself.

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