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USS Eagle, NCC 2185

Chief Engineer face, Human female, Russian

Commander Valentina Tsiolkovsky

Title: Commander Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: CENG quarters

Commander Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky woke up early to get a good start for the day. She checked her uniform and boots as if for inspection by an admiral.

But there was no admiral she was doing this for, no inspection and no flag officers. She was doing this for the new midshipman and ensigns that would be joining her department.

Why did she do all of this? Besides taking her duties very seriously she always held herself to and above the high standards she set for her department.

She believed that the best way to learn is by having a good example and working very hard.

Today she would show the new crew around the ship and have dinner with them.

Tomorrow the real work would begin.

She checked the time and then left her quarters for main engineering

Title: Commander Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky, Part Two
Location: USS Eagle
Setting: Main Engineering

CDR Tsiolkovsky entered main engineering and looked around. Good. From the looks of it most of the new crew had come early. She smiled in approval and began her speech in Federation Standard, her Russian accent clearly dominant.

"Ghuut morning. My name is Commander Valentina Ivanova Tereshkova Tsiolkovsky. I am Engineering Chief. Today we will take a brief tour of engineering systems of the ship and have dinner. In order to do this expeditioushhly  I vhill not take many if any questions.  

Tomorrow the real vhork  vhill begin and  you will be required to ask questions.

Please be advised that vhhee do not make mistakes in Engineering.

There is an old Russian saying it goes something like this. 'It is best to ask many questions and make no apologies. '

Ofhten asking the right question is more important than knowing the answers. Vhen you get ghuut at asking questions, you vhill be taking your first baby steps of learning. But today ," she said with a mischievous wink "is not that day. It's time to crawl."

And with that she opened up a Jeffries tube and motioned everyone to follow her.

As she began her tour she wondered how many of the recruits were physically fit. She knew from her other tours that not everyone could keep up with her pace. This was another standard she held herself to and expected of her department. No one under her command, would fail the Physical Readiness Test, PRT.  Even the slight of build and almost specter like Ensign Hanson, would surpass the minimum required by Starfleet and be prepared to fight should the need arise to secure Engineering against a Klingon boarding party or anything else. She'd make sure of that.

In the bowels of the ship, crawling quickly to the next junction the commander recalled an old conversation. Someone once joked that following her tour was like taking a Torbellan obstacle course and Selahtar boot camp all rolled up into three hours.  The commander smiled. She had thoroughly enjoyed the description.

OOC: Good luck Jonathan and'll  need it ;o)

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