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Title: New Arrivals
Location: USS Victory
Setting: CDR Alan Dulles' Quarters

Elsewhere about a century later...

CDR Alan Dulles beamed to his quarters where LT Peel was waiting for him. If there was time, she would have yelled at him for cutting it too close.

There wasn't.

The younger Intelligence Officer wrapped up the loose ends to leave the Victory and gave her superior and friend the countdown.

"Here," she said handing him a padd. "Your orders- for the next stop where you take command." She hypoed him and continued the countdown to the next transporter trip for him.

"Nine. You are Captain Nikolai Vetri Kamranov. New commanding officer," she repeated.

The older veteran Intel officer stood straighter for his next billet and his posture changed slightly to support his new role.

"Six. Pandora's Box. SI's latest big toy," she finished.

"Blocked memory available in... Three. Two. One," she said, counting down both for the beam out and his memory returning. She hoped the memory would return. If not she knew he could wing it for a while or indefinitely if he had the need. They had worked together before many times and she had seen him adapt under much harder circumstances.

Soundlessly, they both beamed off the USS Victory onto Pandora's Box.

The Officer-in-Charge of SI's latest experimental vessel, Pandora's Box, watched as the last two Intel officers from the Victory arrived and joined the other Intel members from the Victory in one of their transporter rooms.

He cleared his throat and addressed the Captain. "Welcome to Pandora's Box, sir."

Captain Nikolai Vetri Kamranov took just a second to orient himself. "Thank you, Commander," he replied. He stepped down and handed the OIC his padd. "I hereby assume command of this vessel and all personnel and units attached thereto. Here is a copy of my orders."

"Aye, aye, Captain," the OIC returned. "I will have the Officer of the Deck duly note that fact into the ship's log. What are your orders?"

"All orders and directives in effect vhill remain so until such time as I have had the opportunity to review them. Have the senior staff assemble in my ready room in two hours," Captain Kamranov said with a barely noticeable Russian accent.

"Thank you, sir. Anything else sir?" the OIC asked.

"No that vhill be it for now. Dismissed," the Captain said.

"Aye, sir," he said.

The OIC left Captain Nikolai Kamranov, LT Emma Peel and the others. Sublieutenant Yunarra, the Vulcan liason officer, silently stepped away from her back up position on the transporter controls.

"Thank you Sublieutenant," Captain Kamranov said.

"You are welcome," she replied, getting used to the odd Human custom to thank people for doing what was expected.

"Next stop. My office, vhere I vhill read our new orders in detail and give you assignments for the first days here," Captain Kamranov said.

Back in his new office were not only the orders but a copy of an odd transmission that was received just as they boarded. The computer ascribed it as natural phenomena including a comet but the bright young officer who was acting chief communications officer had decided it was something much more than that...

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Character Biographies:

CO, Captain Nikolai Kamranov
CMO, Commander Vilotanzia Bounlutay
ACEO,Lieutenant Commander Piper Chayton
COMMO, Lieutenant Llewellyn Moreau
AIO, Lieutenant Peel
VLO, Sublieutenant Yunarra
AIO, Ensign Molly Ferweiler


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