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Elpis class Star Trek ship for our PBEM

Starfleet Intelligence's newest experimental spy vessel has been deployed to stop a new threat to the Federation!

The year is 2383. The situation for the Federation and galaxy is very grave. A group who calls themselves, 'Nirvannah', has gotten control of key elements of the Romulan and Cardassian Empires and may already have taken control of these governments. The Cardassian Empire has secretly (but not to us and our operatives ;o)) rebuilt its military and PsyOps infrastructure. They are both poised for war and formidable in their own right.

With a good percentage of our forces poised elsewhere we will suffer catastrophic losses if an engagement occurs. Projections leave us severely weakened after such an engagement and not in a position to sustain our defenses at acceptable levels.

Nirvannah is preying on and playing a nationalistic tune that resonates with each race to rebuild and defend themselves to never let the past repeat. This natural tendency of people to go in this direction after war losses is being exploited by them. Of course with that new power comes the corollary of expansion and ideas of a manifest destiny and the weakening of others to remain strong by comparison. This is a tool for Nirvannah. With this comes a great hunger for resources. One that cannot be satisfied without outside backing- theirs or those behind them.

Additionally, the Klingon Empire was seriously weakened with the changeling posed as Gowron and has gone through an amazing and rapid period of rebuilding. We beleive that the Klingon Empire may be compromised as well but do not have enough indicators to be certain.

We also have reason to believe that various Federation movements, governments and the UFP itself have been infiltrated by followers. The control over people and governments are acheived in a variety of ways and methods; including telepathic mind control of their victims and kidnappings. It is possible from some of the less painful ways of manipulating that some of the former disciples of Sybok of Vulcan may be involved or the faction has gotten a hold of his techniques.

Information on other races is less clear as to how far this group has gone to gain control. This is a well planned and coordinated conspiracy. We suspect the strings are being pulled by this one group that may be answering to some yet undiscovered race that has the resources necessary and some desire to pit the different governments against each other. We have not been able to figure out yet how all of this is being funded or why.

At present, a violation of treaty and other things have occurred...

This was deliberately done to engage the Federation in an all out war. War has not been declared on our side as our diplomats are trying hard to pretend there was no violation of treaty so as to forestall it and ready and deploy more units. As many casualties, including civilians, were incurred on our side, this position will be difficult to sustain.

This was all instigated by Nirvannah with members well placed in or controlling in key positions in the governments of different worlds.

This is where Pandora's Box steps in to meet this threat and destroy it.

Pandora's Box is tasked with a number of specific objectives and targets with respect to removing these threats.

Pandora is part of Shadow Operations. This is where Special, Psychological, Temporal and other Operations converge. If we do our jobs right no one will know we were there and there will be no record of our intervention in the history books for anything past, present, or future.

The best possible officer, agents and specialist in different branches and fields are invited to join our mission. Are you up for the challenge?

If so, email for details!

Pandora's Box...Some things are best left unopened...

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Crew Manifest and Open Positions

Character Biographies:

CO, Captain Nikolai Kamranov
CMO, Commander Vilotanzia Bounlutay
ACEO,Lieutenant Commander Piper Chayton
COMMO, Lieutenant Llewellyn Moreau
AIO, Lieutenant Peel
VLO, Sublieutenant Yunarra
AIO, Ensign Molly Ferweiler