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Hail the Captain of the USS Eagle

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Join our Star Trek Sim, based on the Original Series (TOS)!


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Children Wanted: Children's Sim

Real Life Heroes Wanted: Volunteer and Donate

Klingons Wanted: Klingon House & Klingon RPGs

Romulans Wanted: Romulan House & Romulan RPGs

Talent Wanted: Voice actors, graphic artist & animators

What is New or Exciting?: A List of More Recent Achievements and Starter Projects

Eagle Group Games: Star Trek RPGs, Stargate RPG, Star Trek Live Sims, Star Trek PBEMs & more!




1)For simming in the days of TOS
Contact NouriKemat@aol.com
2) To join or ally with an honorable ancient Klingon House, House of Kemat
GO TO Klingon House: tuq qimat

3)For DS9 Era Klingon Sim Group
Klingon Sim
4)For a Commercial,
House of Kemat was asked to help with a casting call for a commercial to appear on Comedy Central. Send us an email, if you wish to be contacted when we have future opportunities.
5)For the Klingon Dictionary Project,
House of Kemat has a Klingon Dictionary geared for Klingon RPG "use in the heat of battle". Check it out and send us your comments!


1)For simming in the days of TOS
Contact NouriKemat@aol.com
2) To join or ally with an honorable ancient Romulan House
Contact NouriKemat@aol.com
3)For the Romulan Dictionary Project,
Contact NouriKemat@aol.com




The USS Eaglet NCC 008-013 is now forming. If you would like your children (ages 8 to 13) to sim in a totally G rated environment, please contact me at NouriKemat@aol.com . This Star Trek Sim Group will be based on the Original Series movie era just like the USS Eagle but will be totally geared toward a younger audience. We will be teaching them how to sim, team work and some science. Parents are welcome to join and sim along side their children. Click here for more information: USS Eaglet, a children's Star Trek sim group game.



Yes, I mean you! Volunteer your time and money! Make a difference in someone's life! GO TO The Help Someone on Planet Earth Page



Volunteers wanted for web page projects: Do you enjoy Star Trek? Are you a talented voice actor, actor or model who'd like some free publicity on the web for helping us out? If so please contact me at NouriKemat@aol.com for details!


What's New or Exciting?

Don Lanning sends us photographs of his special effects work for the alien masks in the new Star Trek movie
It was very exciting to be among the first to glimpse the talented designs and work of Don Lanning.

Blueprints for our Oberth ship
Blueprints have been started for the USS Eagle. We hope over time to have all of the ship's areas available in blueprint and other forms.

Star Trek Sim Awards and Honors Page
The USS Eagle and House of Kemat have had some interesting visitors and requests besides IC awards and honors. You can view a little of both with the above link. We will add in the rest later. We are happy to say this is an ongoing project.

Executive Summaries
Summaries and listings of stories, episodes and logs for our Star Trek role playing game, "The Adventures of the USS Eagle"

Pictures from the Star Trek Convention Los Angeles 2004
Three Pages of pictures. See James (Jimmy) Doohan (Scotty) receive his star on Hollywood Blvd. The plan was to add Star Trek Las Vegas Convention 2006 pictures when available but sadly this part is delayed.

Star Trek Buddy Icon Page
Buddy icons were made of Star Trek Rank insignia, gear, weapons, medical devices, Klingon buddy icons and more. There are both animated and static buddy icons. Enjoy!

Star Trek Rank Insignia Page
Star Trek rank insignia was added for the TOS Movie Era. Plans are in the works to add for The Original Series, TNG, DS9 and other eras.

Captain's Logs from our Star Trek Sim Group
More stories for our Star Trek RPG Group! Always in progress! More have been posted!!

Star Trek Sim Chat: Chatlog Page
This is an example of what a live sim looks like in the chatroom.

Star Trek Banner Page
We can post your advertisement for your Star Trek game or other games on our banner page. Certain requirements must be met to have your game posted. We can also post Star Trek links to your game.

Images of our Oberth Class Ship
We are working towards having images for the entire ship sans a few closets and restricted areas. To date, we have images of Oberth Class, Constitution Class, Merchantman Class ships and shuttles. For our Oberth, we have Sickbay, Torpedo Room, Transporter, Main Engineering, medical monitors, tricorders, communication console, transporter console, ship's plaque, ship's patch and rank insignia posted online.

Our Star Trek Sim's Shuttles - Type I and II, Submersible and Worker Bee
This project was a lot of fun. We have posted images of a few of our shuttles.

Star Trek Sim Recipes
Ethnic and family recipes for our Star Trek Sim characters: Chinese Dumplings, Greek Egg Lemon Soup, Romanian Mititei, Romanian Sarmale, Russian Cabbage Rolls, Syrian Lentils, Norwegian Reindeer Steaks, Italian Pesto, Greek Cookies and MORE !

Star Trek Sim Departments
Engineering, Medical (Sickbay), Science, Security - See a list of department logos/symbols, stories, sim guides, cartoon images, characters, and MORE !

Star Trek Sim "Happy Holidays"/ "Greeting Card" Page from our sim group
Humorous cards past with the crew celebrating the holidays.

Non Profit Charities Page
New Project! Please email me to add a link for your favorite non profit charities. We will be beginning a page devoted to non profit charities to help others. Volunteer your time and money! Make a difference in someone's life!

Star Trek Twenty Questions AI Game
House of Kemat and the USS Eagle were asked to help Mattel, that fine toy company, with Star Trek testers and advertising for their new twenty questions AI game. Check it out and send us your comments!

Downloads A download page was started for sounds that could be used during live role play games. Depending on how your chatroom is set up, it is possible to do this in several ways. The easiest, universal way is merely to type or paste in the link to the chat. Then whoever wishes to hear the sound special effect clicks on the link. Sometimes we use these to give clues along with links for special web pages with images to view. This can make things more fun and interactive when playing the traditional chatroom style of games.

Current Mission Summaries
Read about the current mission in a summary form.

Eagle Group Games: Sim Group and RPG Group

We have started a sim group with RPG group type support. It is called "EGG: Eagle Group Games". Our sim group is named after the first game that was started by our members, "Adventures of the USS Eagle". This game was started back in August 1999, twelve years ago and is still running and serving up fun and friends. Why has it run so long? We concentrate on the players and their needs and interests for joining a game. These different interests and skill levels are blended within the game and parts are adjusted accordingly. This way there is fun for both the deep metaphysical thinker, person who loves social commentary, space battles and a good brawl or shoot'em up. Hero parts are rotated among the players and departments giving eveyone, including novice the chance to save the day.

Eagle Group Games is a loose collection of role playing games that focus on fun and the player first, not bureaucratic nonsense. When doing organizational work, no one pretends to be admiral or expects a salute. At EGG, you can get help for your games by advertising, and help with creating an independent site for your game and banners, not psuedomilitary role play interfering with running the sim group. We also give support to COs, XOs and others in running a game, if wanted. This can be for plot ideas, fixing plot holes, recruiting and other things useful for running a game.

Do you run or have a game you would like help with advertising or advice in running one?
Just send an email to Nouri Kemat with your G or PG rated game to discuss how Eagle Group Games can help you get started and soar!

EGG - the perfect RPG food... Let's get cracking!

Star Trek Sim Group Games:

Adventures of the USS EAGLE (Above)
Set in 2293 before "The Undiscovered Country", this campy live sim is a mixture of space battles, fist fights and social commentary. We meet for about one hour once a week in an AIM/AOL chatroom. Logs/posts are greatly encouraged but not required.

Star Trek children's sim set in 2293, the same time period as the USS Eagle game. We teach simming and science to children as young as nine years of age. Parents and guardians are welcome to sim with their children.We meet for about one hour once a week in an AIM/AOL chatroom. We take a break during exam times for those in high school.

Pandora's Box, SI: Intel PBEM Group
Starfleet Intelligence's latest and greatest experimental spy ship in this Star Trek PBEM. The villain will soon learn..."Pandora's Box... Some things are best left unopened."

KLIN, Klingon Long-range Imperial Navy
Hybrid live and PBEM sim that takes on the Dominion behind enemy lines during the Dominion War. Klingon characters have a chance to change what happened in the Dominion War in this DS9 Era game when they join KLIN. "Today IS a good day to die!" Apply now!

GNEC, Gagh No Extra Charge: Klingon PBEM Group
Time traveling TOS Klingons get trapped in 1960s Earth in this comedy RPG working as drivers for a take out restaurant. "Don't forget to tip!"

Adventures of a TOS Tramp Freighter, Star Trek PBEM
Star Trek PBEM that travels around the galaxy looking for their next gig. "No job that pays big is too small for our group."

Star Trek Sanctuary Star Trek PBEM Group
Star Trek PBEM where spies, witnesses and villains get a new start a new life. How much security is really for the "guest's" protection? "Sanctuary: Paradise or Prison?"

USS Eaglet, a children's live Star Trek sim
Players ages 8-13 may play in this Star Trek RPG game along side their parents, guarding or older siblings."IDIC. Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations."

Stargate Sim Group - Stargate RPG Group:

Stargate RPG, Stargate PBEM, Stargate Omoa, Stargate Manoa, Stargate Eldorado
A new stargate was discovered that dates back to the time of El Dorado from the ancient Mayan culture. Join and learn about the dangerous portal that will open up as the planets line up again as they have thousands of years ago, as the Mayan doomsday calendar counts down. Join before May 2012 or it may be too late!!

Thank you for visiting Eagle Group Games, a collection of sims and RPGs including live Star Trek sims and PBEMS for different science fiction genre and other genres. Joining is open to individuals and existing sims, sim groups and role playing game clubs.

Please visit and stay "tuned" to our "Star Trek Show" and come again soon.

This Star Trek sim group web site is constantly being updated.

Thank you/ Shee-shee/ Efkhatheesto!