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Far away in another time ... but the same galaxy, just several systems away from where Pandora's Box was enroute for her first mission...

A small battle raged on with three ships; a heaver cruiser, submersible shuttle and a much smaller one.

Bzzzzt! Crimson phaser fire lanced out from the Constitution class vessel and attacked a small ship that they had identified as a hostile target. Just moments ago, they had beamed over a boarding team to take back this tiny vessel that was previously on their side until intruders from the past came onboard. Something had happened and the boarding team stopped reporting their progress.

Their records stated that there were only four minutes left before it was too late and the small ship escaped and changed the timeline in a direction they did not want. It was now time to take more extreme measures...

"Fire!" her captain ordered. More red lethal blossoms sprung forth from the phaser ports on the heavy cruiser. Another deadly volley came towards the overwhelmed vessel.

The only conscious man left on the tiny ship tried to reroute power to the shields and change their harmonics ever so slightly. He continued evasive maneuvers as the thugs below began to regain consciousness. He was glad at least he had gotten two safely off. The interference of that phaser fire was too great and the time interval too small to have a successful transmission to transport himself and the remaining others to safety now. He knew though whatever he did it was only a matter of time...

The CO of the other ship knew that as well. He continued to press on to keep this man from beaming off with the others he had rescued and to give his boarding team more time. "Fire!" he ordered again.

More phaser beams lanced through the vacuum and blasted the tiny ship with shields greater that expected by the larger vessel. Alas, though they began to fail.

A small machine, not more than three inches tall, skittered forward and rammed the man's left boot hard to get his attention on the tiny ship. Then he tapped the man, who was deep in concentration, and emitted a series of high pitched sounds.

"No, we don't have any choice," the last man standing told his metal friend.

"We aren't going to make it to the shuttle. There's too much interference to beam us all out and if we succeed, the shuttle will be destroyed to finish us and everyone there will die. We have to try this instead. It's our one way out and the shuttle's only way to survive," the man explained.

The machine made a series of new sounds that sounded like a protest.

"I know," said the man, but this one will be destroyed in approximately two minutes. I can get three of you over there to help them. That's it," he said. His hands remained busy at work trying to keep the ship intact enough to beam the others over and enact the plan to save himself.

"Twenty-five," the man said.

The same machine made some clicking sounds.

"Yes, I understand you are with me. The others will go then. You transport them when I say NOW. Clear?" he asked.

"Twenty," the man said continuing the countdown. It was followed by a chirp that the machine affirmed the plan.

At the same time the submersible shuttle tried to get a lock on their last man on the smaller vessel, but couldn't. They continued to try in vain but with much hope and effort.

"Fifteen. There you all go. Good bye. Be good," the man ordered the tiny robots. The orders sounded more like a good bye from parent to children.

"Countdown eleven, please," the man ordered.

The last machine took over the countdown.

"Nine," the machine said.

"Must try.. Ready ... initialize programs: Call Home, One Way Out. Security clearance transmitting...Admiral..." the man began to say softly as sounds of the attackers who were rousing below were heard. One noisy assailant coming up the ladder drowned him out.

"Six," the machine said.

"Now!" he ordered. The machine dutifully activated the transporter enhancer so to let the other machines leave. They were small enough and non organic enough to be able to have a chance to make it safely to the waiting shuttle.

"Done?" the man asked. He couldn't hear what happened and couldn't afford the time to look up.

"Click," the bot affirmed.

"Hop in the boot," the man said. The mechanical transporter operator did so quickly and held on.

"Three," it said, muffled.

On the shuttle, the other metal beings emerged intact to the surprise of the three Human crewmen there.

The man on the time ship pushed his last buttons and began to speak into a special communicator. "Special Delivery... Two..."

"Two," the machine said simultaneously and in synch to the man's identical word.

The next salvo from the larger ship's exploding fire was powerful and brief as it shot towards the doomed time vessel.

"One..." the machine said, as the pilot of the submersible shuttle tried the transporter again to get their last man.

The explosion was brief but violent as the tiny time ship blew up. The resulting explosion for most would have left no doubt that no one had survived.

The shuttle tried one last time to retrieve their comrade. Miraculously, on a few occasions in history, was a crewman rescued after all seemed lost but theirs did not arrive. Reluctantly the officer in charge gave the orders to disappeared into the anomaly, hoping against all the odds their crew member survived in some other manner.

The Constitution class ship needed to be satisfied all occupants of the smaller ship had perished, having not a lingering hope for the survival of the last man there but some small doubt. If they were right on who this agent was he was very crafty and clever. Seeing the blast and destruction of the ship was not good enough. They had to be certain and had to have proof. They sent a probe to investigate. It came back with the news they had wanted. There were only atoms and a few molecules left of the ship, its cargo, secrets, and occupants.

Satisfied they had completed their task of destroying the time vessel that people of this past had hijacked from them, the Constitution ship turned to its next target.

They had no doubt that it would be easy to destroy, except that this time they tried, there was an anomaly that had appeared from no where like had this dual capable submersible shuttle. Unlike themselves, it very clearly, it belonged in this time period of the old monster maroon uniforms.

The heavy cruiser quickly fired torpedoes into the anomaly. They used the trajectory that the shuttle had been taking and augmented it with a good spread to be certain of the shuttle's successful destruction.

Then they sent a probe into the anomaly to confirm their success that the shuttle and the three beings there had been destroyed...

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Character Biographies:

CO, Captain Nikolai Kamranov
CMO, Commander Vilotanzia Bounlutay
ACEO,Lieutenant Commander Piper Chayton
COMMO, Lieutenant Llewellyn Moreau
AIO, Lieutenant Peel
VLO, Sublieutenant Yunarra
AIO, Ensign Molly Ferweiler


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