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Title: Holding On, Part Four
Location: Pandora's Box, Ready Room

"Don't worry, if I know you and I do, you would have broken up with her before you moved on to your next assignment or left it that she should not have any expectations," Harry said.

Niko didn't say anything, just made a point to look relieved. He had a long list of questions he wasn't going to ask, not here, not now.

Instead he asked for more information in the coded message, "The rest of it?"

"Her or the code?" Harry asked uncertain.

"The code," the Captain looked slightly irritated.

"She's doesn't know where or what ship she is on but she managed to pull a few tricks to it easier for us to track the ship," he replied, typing that up for the Captain as well and what that might mean to help them detect the prison vessel. He still didn't understand what she had done to the cloak but he'd figure it out shortly.

"Location?" the Captain asked.

"Several choices, depending on what codes she shifted to during the transmission," he replied, still typing.

"How many?" the CO asked.

"Five," the XO answered.

"All right, Pandora will begin plotting shortest courses to check all five. Pick up again with me later if we need to use the shuttles, etc." he said to keep the XO updated. "Time?"

"That's the biggest problem in finding the ship at present. No way of knowing for sure with the rotating code what the specific chrono is," he said, figuring the cloak part out and finishing.

"All right then, when I get back to the bridge we'll set on a new course to intercept in space and for sampling time, if we don't get a fix on that dimension. We'll run drills for power spike and consumption problems, full scale boarding of the prison vessel and the rescues and I am assuming there is more than one we may wish to rescue. I'll also tell Sickbay to prepare for casualties and run drills including the Psych Warfare unit and Dr. S'Tros' team. We'll attempt to speed up repairs and I'll check the progress in detail," the Captain listed quickly.

"I can do that, sir. I still have quite a few hours before I need any rest periods," CDR Varsahlaveu said.

"No, I've got it. We need you fresh and recharged for the potential series of marathons ahead. I'll let you know if we hone in sooner than expected and need you. For now, your orders are to rest, get some sleep and ... attend to that person matter," the Captain winked.

"Aye, aye sir ," Harry said grinning back.

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