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Title: PB & J
Location: Pandora's Box, Ready Room

Captain Kamranov sat without any apparent difficulty and tapped his armrest controls. The information was ready for them and displayed instantly on the main screen, sent by the ever prepared and forward looking young lieutenant.

The XO took his place next to the Captain and activated his smaller personal monitor in case he needed to test some theories as they talked. CDR Varsahlaveu had worked with Kamranov before and knew his preferences to be efficient and concise first. He did not ask him any personal questions or how he was doing or any other pleasantries first as you had to with many of the Human Captains. The Captain, especially in this identity, preferred to work first, especially with something so important. This was something he preferred also and had to unlearn when he joined Starfleet. While CDR Varsahlaveu was very friendly and warm by Human standards and was part Human himself, he did appreciate not having to adhere to all the Human social protocols around the Captain.

The message replayed. Much of the background sounds along with the time traveling Doppler effects were removed. The copy was the cleanest version that the Lieutenant had made, cleaner by now than the last one he had shown the XO. He knew that for the purposes of the Captain, that he would want to listen to that first and then if he felt it was needed reintroduce the interference to listen to other versions.

The Captain did not look at the visual display at first, he just listened. As the message replayed, only the words and some possibly identifiable background noise was heard with the words of the garbled voice, "Emergency emergency....Barely holding on. I need ... peanut butter and jelly."

"Peanut butter and jelly?" the Captain replied furrowing both of his brows. He didn't say out loud but thought, " Vhat is this thing the agent has with peanut butter?" Previously he had gone through all the old codes and come up empty for anything to help him on the topic of peanut butter that would fit into the current circumstances. He looked over at his Executive Officer. CDR Varsahlaveu was one of those hand picked by Kamranov and had worked with him before.

"No clue, sir," the XO replied.

The Captain started to free associate outloud, knowing the XO would chime in as he thought of anything remotely related.

"Peanut Butter," the Captain said.

"Jelly, jam, jellico," the XO replied.

"PB and J," Kamranov stated the letters for the abbreviation. Depending on what resources the agent had, part of the code could be very basic to try and communicate.

"PBJ," Varsahlaveu ventured removing the connector.

"PB," the Captain said, just taking part of the hypothetical acronym.

Then they both looked at each other and said simultaneously, " PB, Pandora's Box?"

"J?" the XO asked.

The Captain shook his head and repeated, "Da, vhat's J then?

A chirp from the Comm panel interrupted them, announcing an incoming message.

It displayed the announcement of a message from Helm.

"Reporting as ordered, sirs. We have arrived at the coordinates," the Helmsman said.

"Look for any natural cover and just wait vhile the other department take readings," the Captain ordered.

"Aye, sir," he replied.

"Thank you, Ensign," the Captain replied cutting the comm. His eyes lit up suddenly.

"Ensign... Jarold... Jameson," the Captain said, adding another "j" to the list, feeling fairly confident it might be a winner.

"The Admiral's kid at the helm?" the XO thought out loud. Then it was turn for his eyes to grow wide, making the "j" connection. "Two J's," he replied.

"Top guess for now," said the Captain.

"If so, then it looks like whoever this is knows us or JJ... I hope that's a good thing," the CO said.

"Yes, and let us hope if that then no one else does or figures out that we are an intended ride for whoever it is. Ship's not ready for an attack," said the XO, finding a better time and need to tell Kamranov.

"How are those power spike and consumption problems?" the Captain asked. He didn't expect the repairs to be complete by now but he was hoping for some more optimism in the XO's voice that it would be soon. He didn't like that they could be flying into a trap or some war to retrieve the agent with these problems.

"A lot of progress has been made, but no answers yet," replied the XO.

"Are you making sure to not just look for any shake down design flaws?" the Captain asked not stating his obvious thought as career spook.

Harry shook his head solemnly affirming that he held the same suspicions. "Yes, Chief Engineers don't get dead easy from accidents like that," he replied.

"Indeed," the Captain said, equally as serious.

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