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Title: Holding On
Location: Pandora's Box, CO's Stateroom

Emma briefly wondered where the Prince was right now and if he did get that chance to live and grow up. She quickly shifted her thoughts to something else, which battery of tests would be better and not wear Niko out when he returned after his shift. There was silence for a while as Kamranov ate and Emma thought.

"You still on your training exercise?" he asked, drinking the last of his tea.

"You know it and doing well, of course," she grinned.

"Will you be around after work, if Harry lets me do any?" he said.

"Yeah, sure. I'll just hang out here," Emma said nonchalantly.

"OK, good. No wait ... that's bad. You'll trash my quarters," he replied, suddenly remembering another identity.

Emma smiled broadly. "Yes, that's something you'd remember because you believed it from before, but I am not really that messy," she said trying to deflect him.

"Uh huh," he said not believing her for a second. "Be careful not to let anyone know you've been here for whatever the reason is you have and well, don't want to ruin my reputation," he said.

Emma laughed heartily. "Ooh oh that's too easy to comment..." she started to say.

He looked at her a bit hurt. "I meant the Kamranov identity, not any stories or things I really did from my youth or other identities or that it was supposed to look like I did," he interrupted her.

Now it was her turn to say the same. "Uh huh," she commented, deadpan.

The Captain finished eating and put his dirty dishes away. He shifted gears quietly to a more serious tone. He needed to get moving now that he had eaten and drank enough caffeine to clear his head.

"I'll be ready for the briefing and tests after my shift. We can see what's left of my memory then," he said.

"Good," Emma replied. She definitely didn't appear to take the hint to get moving.

"All right," he grinned, "time to get back to work for at least one of us."

"Yes," she said grinning again like a kid playing hooky from school. "XO commed but he got your away message," she said. "Just a howdy, how are you doing with no need to come in yet kind of message," she explained quickly.

"Good," the Captain replied.

"S'Traht checked your medical monitor," she said.

"Lovely," he said. "Glad I wore it. He wouldn't be able to get in with medical override, but I didn't wanted to give him an excuse to try and find out," he said.

"He did anyway," she said a matter of factly.

Kamranov snickered at foiling his annoying doctor. "Worked with him before, but this time around he's starting to get on my nerves a lot. Not sure what's got into him this deployment."

"How so?" asked Emma. She noticed some odd things about the man also.

"He seems different," he said.

"How?" Emma asked again, a bit exasperated.

"Nothing I can put my finger on and can't most likely until I am all sorted out here, but think the worst of what I just went through is over," he said.

"Seems like it to me as the mindsitter," she said smiling. She was glad her old friend and partner was back on the upswing. She had her doubts on S'Traht furthered from talking to Violet earlier but kept that to herself then and now. She was not willing to articulate it yet as things hadn't added up either way and she knew the Captain was aware it should be watched.

"Gee, thanks for that confident note in your voice," he replied sarcastically.

"Any time," she quipped back.

"I am going to change now. You can clean up," he said.

"Very funny. I just wait here then," Emma replied.

"Good idea," he said.

Kamranov changed quickly and returned.

"Well, thanks for the sitting and the long nap. I'll see you tonight for a game of 20,000 questions to see how the reintegration went for remembering the other personalities and holding on to this one."

"Sounds good," she said.

"Back to work," he said heading towards the door.

"Back to training," she said disappearing so Niko could exit his quarters and there would be no view of her or recording when the doors opened.

Meanwhile on the bridge, another transmission came in with Lieutenant Llewellyn Moreau's new filter helping to clear the message up from the time distortions. The ACOMMO, LTjg Knnekhesskt, quickly decoded it. "Emergency emergency....Barely holding on. I need ..."

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CO, Captain Nikolai Kamranov
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COMMO, Lieutenant Llewellyn Moreau
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