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Title: Letting Go
Location: Pandora's Box, CO's Stateroom

Emma followed, carefully noting his food and drink choices. "Good," she replied. "What do you remember?"

"Different identities over the years besides just this one," he said.

Emma looked at him hard trying to figure something out. "Let me make this easier for you. I'll list a few of the ones I know of and know that you as Nikolai should know," she answered.

"Yes, I figured something like that, vhould make this part easier. Could always be a few neither of us know of. Seemed to have a solid hold of most of one of them," Kamranov replied. While he trusted Emma there may be identities and things she should not know for her own safety. The problem for him with a lot but not all of his memory back was which things were which.

"Let's start with the most recent, Commander Alan Dulles?" she asked.

"That's the one I seem to remember most of. The last few months still seem gone. Most of Alan seems back. I can remember back to part of the Academy. Feels like some good holes though here and there. Nothing from the Victory or the last starbase. Anything important from the last two duty stations?" Niko asked. He took his food to the nearby table and sat down.

"Not really that I know of," she said lying. "I can fill you in later and we can test your memory after work." She did not tell him that he had finally found a brief happiness with a woman named Violet. Emma knew that she still loved him after the identity switch and that was going to make things tough because Violet happened to be the CMO. ~Hopefully she'll let him go and he won't find out or he'll do the right thing and let her go,~ she thought.

"All right then," Kamranov said noticing how Emma looked like she was trying to sweep something under the rug. He had known her very well and remembered that much with her personality. He decided to fish whatever non mission type details she was hiding from him out later, when there was time. He guessed from her mannerisms that was most likely trying to protect him from something.

"Saldar's back, the last part," he smiled.

"Good," Emma replied happily sitting down next to him. She liked that identity.

"Still have regrets about the Prince," he said.

Emma sighed. "You always seem to remember that part. You did everything you could. It is how it is sometimes. We can't rescue everyone. No one but you would have came so close to succeeding with such impossible odds," she said, hiding the truth from him as she had sworn before he took the memory altering drug and was captured by the opposing forces.

"Mahldemi still have the throne?" he asked.

"Last I wanted to know, yes," she said. "It's done, Alan. Just try and let it go."

Niko sighed. "I liked that boy. He might have been able to fix that messed up planet of his if he grew up," he said with much regret.

Emma shut her eyes. Each time her friend came out of a memory wipe or something like this it was the same. The thing he regretted most in life not being able to do, he had really done and she had sworn to him to never tell him the truth, that he had rescued the Prince and others and that hopefully through their safe house networks he had a chance at growing up.

When Niko was Saldar, he knew that the Prince could never truly be safe if he knew the truth. He also knew if Mahldemi believed his younger cousin to be alive, he'd stop at nothing with his well placed contacts in Starfleet Intelligence to find and kill the rightful heir, even decades later. This is why he chose to take the drug, erazine, and not anything else. It was the only handy drug that should destroy his most recent memories permanently, not just temporarily for when he was captured. If someone captured him to find the what happened, they could not succeed in finding and killing the Prince through him.

One of the hardest things for Emma was knowing while Mahldemi and his faction lived that it would never be safe to tell her friend the truth.

She briefly wondered where the Prince was right now and if he did get that chance...

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