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Title: Remembrances Past, Part Sixteen
Location: 2385, Pandora's Box, CO's Stateroom

Kamranov woke up refreshed and feeling better. It was apparent to Emma, who didn't have to ask.

"Good day, sleepy head," she said in her usual sarcastic manner.

"Morning," he said beginning a series of stretches.

"How long did I get?" the CO asked.

"Fourteen hours," Emma replied, giving him a few more minutes to wake up before she resumed their usual banter. That was of course, if he recalled enough of his previous identifies for it.

Nikolai's eyes widened. He hadn't wanted to sleep that long even though he needed it.

Emma didn't give him a chance to reply, knowing even without his expression how he'd feel about that "No worries. XO didn't contact you with anything on your red list," she jumped in leaving it unsaid that she would have woken him up.

"Good," he say putting his feet on the deck. What was done was done and he needed it. No time or use for recriminations of any sort. He hopped out of bed.

"Breakfast?" he said eagerly.

"Had mine, thanks," she said wryly, testing the old waters.

Success! Niko shot her a half crooked smile.

Emma shot the other half back, happy to have seen a normal reaction from him. It was good to see some life back in her old partner too.

"How's the memory?" she asked.

"Remember much more than when I went to bed. A lot more makes sense," he said going to the replicator to get breakfast. He punched the buttons for his food and tea.

Emma followed, carefully noting his food and drink choices. "Good," she replied. "What do you remember?"

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CO, Captain Nikolai Kamranov
CMO, Commander Vilotanzia Bounlutay
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