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Title: Remembrances Past, Part Fifteen
Location: Pandora's Box, CO's Stateroom

Back in the waking world in Kamranov's quarters, Emma watched the time and his condition carefully.

When twelve hour mark had passed, she checked his messages and the ship's status again, knowing that he had been very lucky to have gotten this much rest and that he would have to be back at work soon.

Satisfied, both that nothing should hit his red list soon and that things weren't too quiet, she sat down to take a quick nap in the chair near his bedside.

Elsewhere on the ship, the shift changed and the COMMO, Lieutenant Llewellyn Moreau, went off duty and met up with Ensign Molly Ferweiler. LTjg Knnekhesskt took his position as ACOMMO without incident.

Another odd series of dreams occured and repeated as Kamranov looked for the elusive blonde with long curls to try and glimpse a look at the woman that was described to him as his wife. When he tried to get close enough to see her face under the cloak, she would change size to become much shorter and vanish. A few times the tall spirit-like figure with golden locks became shorter and shorter each time he looked at her until she became the size of a wood nymph with hair that shone red in the sunset.

On a dead moon in one of the nearer systems, three years in the future, the last message of the person needing to be rescued was sent.

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Character Biographies:

CO, Captain Nikolai Kamranov
CMO, Commander Vilotanzia Bounlutay
ACEO,Lieutenant Commander Piper Chayton
COMMO, Lieutenant Llewellyn Moreau
AIO, Lieutenant Peel
VLO, Sublieutenant Yunarra
AIO, Ensign Molly Ferweiler


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