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Title: Remembrances Past, Part Five
Location: Pandora's Box, CO's Stateroom
Flashback Setting (Emma): Takharesh X

"I will kill you now," the traitor replied and fired on Emma.

Instead of a high pitched whine and a burst of yellow light, there was nothing, nothing at all. Just as Emma had made sure, her weapon did not discharge.

"What?" CDR Frye said not believing his luck.

"Gotta love the tech here," she said wryly. "Just never know when these primitive things will work or not." It had nothing to do with luck. The reality was she had deliberately used a drained energy pack. She knew the weapon was useless unless he were to use it as a bludgeoning weapon. That is why she let him take it.

On cue,one of the Intel snipers who was hidden above them in a tree fired on Frye. Unfortunately, he missed.

Emma however did not. She took aim with one of the many extra weapons she had hidden on her person.

Frye charged her. He tackled her and she lost her footing. Emma fired and CDR Frye went down hard almost taking her with him.

"Come down now please and search him," Emma ordered moving away keeping her tiny energy weapon trained on him.

"You are welcome," the man said. He came down from his perch and searched quickly.

"You are buying the drinks now and dinner," he said.

"I sure am," she quipped back. "Thanks. I knew I could count on you. I am glad you moved the conveyance before we got here. I wasn't sure about that timing. Anything on him useful?" she asked. By now Emma was sufficiently far enough away now to grab a more obvious and lethal weapon to cover her comrade from anyone else coming into this part of the forest.

"Checking the usual places and scanning, passive only. Something in the lining of his pocket, not very original and some latinum," the hooded man replied.

"Looks like he is buying now," she grinned.

"Indeed," Jeladthon said. "But your company is still expected for dinner," he winked.

"I am getting something chocolate then. Give me what you have," she said.

"That was pretty easy to sucker him in," he said clearly impressed. Her fellow officer handed her the container he had and the microdevice he had just put in it.

"Fell for the truth," she explained.

Jeladthon motioned her to follow him where he had hidden the conveyance.

"The truth?" he asked in disbelief.

"Usually works better that way. I let him guess that I was a new ensign," she explained.

The older man tried not to laugh. "And you happened to leave a whole lot out before that then, eh?"

"You bet. No need to know," she winked.

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