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Title: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream... and Remember, Part Two
Location: Pandora's Box
Setting: Sickbay

Captain Kamranov took his right glove off with his right hand by setting his fingers in the tray and pushing down. He moved them up and down, alternating the fingers until he wriggled his hand out of the glove. He was careful not to touch the outside of the glove with either hand.

"Good... Now let's take care of that itching." She reached out a gloved hand to cradle the back of one of his so that it's palm was facing up. "This is the same type of spray we use for burns," she explained. "It's an analgesic and antiseptic. It also has a bit of a numbing effect. It should help the itching immediately. I'll give you some cream to take with you that you can rub in every couple of hours to help keep it at bay."

"Thank you," he said.

"You're welcome," Violet replied and held her hand out for his other one. "Tell me if that doesn't work right away. Once I get this hand treated, I'll help you put your gloves back on. Then that systemic hypospray I mentioned. How are you feeling otherwise?"

"Thank you," he said. "Still some difficulties resuming this identity. Please tell Dr. S'Traht I was in."

"Of course," Violet assured him. "What kind of difficulties? Anything you can talk to me about?" She finished with his hands and pulled off her gloves, disposing of them before pulling on a fresh, sterile pair and then carefully picking up one of his gloves to hold out for him to slip his hand into.

"Not much I can, just the headache and nausea. Can you give me something more for that and to take with? I vhant to retire soon if he's not going to be back for hours," he explained.

"Have to be careful with medications for pain and nausea. They can have some bad interactions with the other stuff in your system. But I can give you some of the same stuff Doctor S'Traht gave you. Did that help?" Once she helped him on with both of his gloves, she pulled hers off and disposed of them. Then she reached for the hypospray and made a motion with her head for him to tip his a bit so she'd have better access to his neck.

"Yes," he said. "How long will it work?" He moved his head aside for her.

"Which? The one for itching or the medication for pain and nausea?" Violet asked.

"All but mostly concerned about being able to sleep well," he explained.

"I think you should get a good six hours before you may need to re dose yourself again," she answered after a moment. "This is for the itching, Put some on your hands before you turn in," she handed him a tube of cream. "This is for the nausea and pain," she offered him a hypospray. "Don't use it for six hours. If anything gets worse, come back, alright? The first twenty-four hours of an allergic reaction can be the hardest. But we're giving you some good medication to offset that."

~Six hours,~ he thought. ~That would be great.~ He smiled and took the medicines and put them in his pocket.

Violet smiled back. "You can also drink some chamomile tea. It'll help with the sleep and the stomach. And won't interact with any of the drugs in your system," she told him. "Call it a night, Ala... Niko," she smiled a little apologetically. "And don't forget to come back if you need to, hmm?"

"Thanks doc. I will and I'll try the tchai," he was greatly relieved. Not only had the itching abated but he might get six solid hours of sleep. Sleep periods were the worst for him coming out of wipes or something like this. The protocol was often to have someone sit, mindsit as it was called by other SI personnel, to get the operative through the first few difficult nights. The mindsitters would help sort and review with the operative what they could as the emergence of memory fragments untethered by lack of remembered or cohesive history could be quite disturbing.

Unfortunately, for Kamranov, he wasn't told of anyone like that for him here on Pandora's Box. He arose to leave for his quarters and to contact the XO for him not to be disturbed by anyone, including Dr. S'Traht unless there was an emergency of some nature which to him included more news of the person or persons they may rescue. The last thing he wanted to do was to waste his sleep period on more tests by the old Vulcan doctor.

Violet smiled warmly and softly cupped his cheek with a hand that matched her smile in warmth. Although Violet had the Minaraan ability to help him heal, she stoically refrained from doing that as she'd made a promise to him. But she did direct all the devotion and love she felt for him through her hand, willing him to get well.

Exhausted and with her medicines slowly beginning to counteract the drugs to suppress his last identity that would shortly without intervention begin to have permanent effects on his memory, Niko didn't notice at first anything strange about the touch. It was warm and comforting, not because the good doctor was Minaran and not because of who she was but because on some level, not conscious yet, he was aware of what she had and did mean to him. With her touch, deprived from him earlier because of the gloves, and the medicines she gave, he now had a fighting chance to recover his memories from his previous identity.

[Sleep well, Niko,] she signed after a brief moment.

[You too,] he signed absently before catching himself and noticing the gloves. "Thanks again, doc," he said.

[I'm here if you need me,] she signed.

"Thanks," he said.

The good doctor tucked her hands behind her back and watched him leave with a very poignant look in the depths of her startling violet eyes. She wondered just how much trouble she'd get in if it were found out that she deliberately gave him something that would help counter act the memory blocking drugs she'd detected the traces of in his system. Oh, the medicine she'd given him was perfect for the allergic reaction he was in the middle of, but it also contained a property that would hopefully stop any permanent damage to his memory.

She absolutely hated that part of SI. There should be a better way to deal with that kind of subterfuge. Undercover was one thing, but to completely destroy a man's life or any hope of a real life? There just had to be a better way.

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