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Title: Surprise Me, Part Five
Location: Pandora's Box
Setting: CO's Office

"Twenty three eighty seven," she answered. "Several systems away from our present location."

He took a deep breath. Going to the future could alter more things than the past especially when it might affect time travelers there. He had been briefed that 2387 was a very fragile time. Some believed that all the difficulties began there and led to the Temporal Wars. Compounding this, it looked like there wouldn't be enough time to fix the power problems on PB before the jump and be able use the cloak the whole time.

"Good work," he said very pleased. "Any more before I contact Helm and Engineering? "

"These are the exact location coordinates, " Llew answered, indicating the star chart on her terminal with the coordinates neatly displayed in a contrasting color next to the dot indicating where they needed to go.

"Thank you," he said reading her display. The Captain was impressed and looked at it for a while to understand it and look for a pattern. He was hoping to figure out several things. First on his mind was who the agent was and of course if there was an agent or someone at that level involved. He had a strong feeling that maybe he did have enough information to figure it out and that concerned him even more. If he could guess the agent then sorting out other parts of the code would be easier and faster. And if there was enough information to guess the agent, then it might be possible for others to do the same and perhaps even guess who the agent tailored the message. The world of SI was indeed quite a tangled web to weave...and unravel. If he could just guess the right string in the right place, he might have a chance to unravel it first, get the agent first and figure out the larger picture and significance of events beyond the rescue.

"You're welcome," Llewellyn replied. Her gaze shifted from him to the screen and back again. "Captain.... Sir.... I don't have any experience with time travel... Just how dangerous is it? Not physically, but to... well... time? The timeline and stuff?" she asked curiously after a moment's hesitation.

"It's fairly dangerous all the way around. It is believed that time line has already been altered negatively," he explained. "Travel must be used judiciously and with great restraint. Time travel gives new meaning to the observation by Lord Actin of old earth, Absolute power corrupts absolutely. With time travel, even the smallest change can create a ripple stretching out to major events. We have a number of rules and directives for using it and some of our own. While we prepare and see if there can be a rescue, whether we do attempt one or not will depend on a complicated network of factors. Just as we have someone with your skills for communications, we have others for temporal travel as well," he said reassuringly. Captain Kamranov looked to see if that addressed her concerns of if she need more or if she had asked more then a general question and needed some specifics.

Llewellyn looked a little unsure still. "You have people who can accurately predict the negative repercussions to any time travel?" she asked. "Any alterations to the timeline?"

"It is impossible to make accurate predictions when different sides are both engaged in time travel in all directions. Negative repercussions must be avoided. Anything to be restored or changed in anyway must be carefully weighed," he explained.

Llew nodded. "Thank you for explaining that," she smiled. "I can see that this is something that you take very seriously, as it should be. I'd hate for someone to muck around in the timeline and erase me or something equally as horrific." She understood the risks, or thought she did.

"The ship is small but very powerful in ways as is the crew we have assembled here. With this great power comes great responsibility that we take very seriously and with many checks and balances," Captain Kamranov replied. He knew full well that there were others, not just anti Federation races but those in Starfleet and in Intelligence that did not feel that way. He tried to make sure those who came to Pandora's Box would be among those who were not corrupt and that there were active programs in place to help catch those types of people and activities. Niko briefly wondered if this talented officer could be a candidate for a subgroup in SI that he was a part of that opposed the other group that felt the ends always justified the means.

"I couldn't agree more, sir," Llewellyn nodded. "I am honored by the vote of confidence and faith you have in my ability by inviting me to join in your mission. You can count on me, sir. I won't let you down," she assured him.

Captain Kamranov smiled broadly. He was pleased by her reply and that she might indeed be a candidate. "I am sure you won't," he replied.

"Is there anything else you'd like me to do, Captain?" she asked.

"Get some good rest when you can, while we figure out where and if necessary when to take the ship. There may be more messages to find and decrypt when we get going," he said. "I'll send the message to the bridge. All or part. I haven't decided yet. Do you have any more questions?"

"No sir," Llewellyn shook her head slightly. "None at the moment. I'll go find my quarters now and settle in if that's alright?"

"Yes, please do," the Captain replied. "Thank you very much for your work."

"You're welcome, sir," Llewellyn smiled as she stood. "I look forward to working with you and the team."

The Captain smiled again and arose. "Good to have you."

Llewellyn smiled. "It was good to meet you, Captain Kamranov," she told him and nodded slightly. There was unconscious approval in her look. She admired his ability to adjust to his surroundings and a drastic change in identity. "Good day, sir," she offered and turned to leave.

"Good day," he returned watching her leave. He punched a few buttons to tell his yeoman not to disturb him. He had a lot of reading to finish.

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